Andrew Tate Banned from TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram

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He made sexist comments about women. 


Andrew Tate — with Over 4 million Followers on IG 

If you don’t know him yet, he’s a former kickboxer. He’s now a social media influencer with millions of followers on various platforms. 

Unfortunately, he’s also known to spread extreme misogyny. Hence, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok banned him from their services, according to NPR. 

Meta banned Tate from using Facebook and Instagram because he violated the policies of the company around dangerous organizations. He also broke policies on hate speech. His ban on Instagram and Facebook is permanent. 

TikTok, on the other hand, told the Insider that Tate’s account is banned because of his hateful ideology, which is not acceptable on TikTok. 

Who is Andrew Tate? 

In 2016, the former kickboxer joined the reality TV show Big Brother. But he was also kicked off when a video of him attacking a woman surfaced online. 

Tate had several accounts on Twitter but the platform had already removed them. 

Recently, though, he amassed millions of views on Meta’s social media platforms and TikTok. Just like what he did on Twitter, he also made sexist comments about women. 

At various times, this former kickboxer promoted a version of masculinity that viewed women as the property of their husbands. He also said that men would want to date 18-year-olds because they had sex with fewer men instead of dating women in their mid-20s.

Tate described himself as a success coach who makes many videos praising women. He said that he has been coaching men to avoid toxic people. He even declared, “It has nothing to do for hate for women. It’s simply about good and bad people. My mother is my hero.”

Increasing Incidents of Sexist Incidents

The Herald Sun also reported that teachers believed Tate was to blame for the increasing incidents of sexist incidents. An American woman warned in a viral TikTok video about the dangerous influence of Tate on teen boys. 

When you look at his social media posts, you will find Tate showing off his Bugatti cars. He promised that he could teach his followers how to get rich quickly by visiting his website. But his website is a multi-level marketing scheme that offers courses for thousands of dollars on topics including money management, lifestyle, and others. 

His followers can also earn commissions through affiliate marketing. That is if they refer new members to his website they get a commission. His followers will also earn commissions by simply spreading Tate’s videos on social media. 

In April, Romanian police raced to his home as part of a human-trafficking investigation. The raid was done over reports that an American woman was held captive at the former kickboxer’s house. 

During the raid, the police found the American woman and a Romanian woman. But Tate denied the report. he said that there were no girls found in his house and no one was arrested. 

Tate belongs to a far-right men’s online community tied to serious criminal activity. Last year, a prominent member went on a killing spree in Denver killing five people before a police officer fatally shot him.

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