Analytics firm releases app usage trends, new apps adoption rate

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People this year spend more time than ever on their mobile devices to use popular apps. But how much time are we spending on our phones and which apps receive the most attention?

The latest report from app analytics firm App Annie gives us an overview on these behaviors.

App Annie last week published its Mobile App Evolution report to show mobile usage trends worldwide. The firm used its database of more than eight million apps for the study.

Most of the datasets cover up to 2019 only. But we can see from the trends leading to this year where the attention focused more on. So, you can plan ahead from these findings.

Time spent in apps is rising. The trend shows the increase in app usage is consistent with existing trends from as far back as 2015.


analytics app usage adoption rate


We would expect 2020 to raise the bar. And it may be temporary due to COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, the trends show that apps are becoming bigger parts of our daily lives. We find where more and more people spend their time each year.

The growing mobile ecosystem has increased overall app downloads. It hit a record high in 2019.

analytics app usage adoption rate


Developing regions has led the growth in app downloads. But markets with high mobile penetration rates also have people who are still seeking out new apps. It opens new and ongoing opportunities for marketers.

App Annie shares insight into app usage overlap as well. It may show developing user habits, as users increase their digital consumption habits.


TikTok is rising in this chart. And Snapchat users are becoming TikTok fans as well.

The growth of TikTok has its own chart in the report. Its rising popularity has no room for doubt. But its future is uncertain, as it faces various challenges.


analytics app usage adoption rate


The report reveals comprehensive information about regional app trends and shifts. It includes notes on gaming apps, unified usage trends, and overall rankings as well.

A note on the value of unique content, introduced over time, is present. The firm demonstrated this in the performance chart of Disney+.

analytics app usage adoption rate

When new major releases roll out, Disney+ usage spikes. For a content marketer, even if you have a backlog of valuable content, and update new posts regularly, highlighted material boosts appeal, and maximizes reach.

More interesting insights in the full App Annie report. You can download the full app usage report here.

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