AMD Offers GPGPU OpenCL Course to University Students

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AMD has teamed up with the University of Illinois to urge students in the development of codes for the company’s GPGPU inside Fusion processors.

The General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs) found inside AMD’s Llano Fusion processor allows a mid-range notebook to offer more processing power as opposed to other chips.

OpenCL applications have better performances than a Llano-only system and an excellent initiative to boost the number of apps that use this GPU is for students to learn how to write code for it.

Engineering Entrepreneurship AMD section, the offered course at the University of Illinois, will allow students to create projects, which when successfully evaluated, will receive funding from the Fusion Fund of AMD and Illinois Ventures.


Image: AMD

AMD’s goal is to give university students a chance to use Fusion processors effectively in creating user-friendly applications for consumers.

OpenCL, a computer science and engineering course designed for GPU codes and open standards, is an acquired skill that deserves one or two semesters for university students.

Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are superior many-core processors that can be used to accelerate a wide range of applications while GPGPUs are usually applied in research for its relatively cheap price but high performance.

AMD needs to exert more effort if it wants to keep up with Intel mobile chips.


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