Amazon wins rights to stream EPL matches


Soccer is the biggest sporting event in England—and no wonder it attracts millions of viewers every weekend during the regular season. So big is soccer in the UK that the Football Association also known and called the FA rakes in billions of Pound Sterling in terms of investment and advertisements. The process of winning TV rights to beam these matches to homes of soccer lovers across the world involves a lot of money; and Amazon has just taken a bold step to show how ambitious it can get.

Through one of its biggest products, Amazon Prime, the ecommerce giant will beam 20 matches per season to customers in Britain and Ireland over a three-year period. Over the three-year or three-season period, a total of 60 matches will be streamed exclusively to Amazon Prime customers in those countries.

It is a big one for Amazon considering how hugely popular the English Premier League is around the world.

In a statement made available on its official website, the Football Association said: “Package F, acquired by Amazon Prime Video, includes the right, for the first time in the UK, to make available a full round of live Premier League matches.”

Amazon Prime is given Package F, which will enable it to show 20 matches exclusively to its subscribers per season from one Bank Holiday and one midweek fixture program.

Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore said of the new partnership with Amazon:

We welcome Amazon as an exciting new partner and we know Prime Video will provide an excellent service on which fans can consume the Premier League.

The interest in our UK rights is testament to the fantastic competition delivered by our clubs. This outcome will support their continued efforts to put on the best possible football and use their popularity and reach to have a positive impact on the sport and beyond.

Amazon Prime program costs $119 a year, and offers customers a variety of services, including free shipping of products bought on, video streaming among others.

Just last April, reports emerged that the ecommerce giant was working on a new project—robots for home. According to Bloomberg, Amazon is embarking on an ambitious project to build a domestic robot. Though, still a top secret, “Vesta,” the codename of the robot named after the Roman goddess of the hearth, is being designed for home and family.

Gregg Zehr, head of Amazon’s Lab126 hardware research and development based in Sunnyvale, California is the man with the responsibility of overseeing this ambitious project, people familiar with the matter have revealed.

The Vesta project has been in the offing for a while, but activities around the project has gained speed since the start of the year with hiring of new hands. Dozens of listings are currently available on the Lab126 Jobs page—and spots like “Software Engineer, Robotics” and “Principle Sensors Engineer,” the report adds. People in the know say Amazon plans to begin seeding the robots in employees’ homes by the end of the current year.

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