Amazon Will Soon Retire Its Amazon Music Storage Subscription Plans

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Amazon Will Soon Retire Its Amazon Music Storage Subscription Plans


Before, most streaming music services offered a feature that allowed users to upload their MP3 collection. It was one of the ways to differentiate themselves from other providers.

One of those services was Rdio. But the service was later sold to Pandora.

Amazon Music, on the other hand, allowed users to upload their songs from their computer.

Unfortunately, such feature will no longer be available. The company quietly announced that it is going to retire its Amazon Music Storage subscription plans.

“As of December 18, 2017, the ability to upload music will be removed from the Amazon Music for PC/Mac app. Music that is already uploaded can be played and downloaded until January 2019.”

The changes will only affect music storage plans. It means that it only affects those songs or music that you have imported. However, if you have purchased music from Amazon, it remains stored in its system and you can still play it and download it to your device.

Starting December 18, 2017, you can no longer upload music using Amazon Music desktop app. As mentioned earlier, all tracks you have uploaded to the service will be available up to January 2019. In that case, you still have more than a year to continue listening to your collection. You can also re-download those songs back to your device.

The changes affect both the free storage plan and the paid plan.

When Amazon introduced its AutoRip service in 2013, some thought that it would be a hit. After all, it allowed users to sync their old CD to the cloud through matching MP3s.

However, it failed to reach the target amount of users. One of the possible reasons is that MP3s were no longer that popular because of the increasing popularity of on-demand streaming. However, at the time of its launch, music-matching services were common.

Thus, Amazon decided to shut down its music importer software in 2015. Customers were directed to the Amazon Music app.

Audi Drivers And Amazon Music

On another note, Audi drivers will have a new streaming option in their cars. The Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited music streaming services will be available through the MMI infotainment system in the 2017 and 2018 models of some Audie units.

If you have a compatible vehicle, you can connect your mobile device to your in-vehicle Wi-Fi. From there, you can download the updated version of the Audi MMI connect app. Once logged in, find the Media option and go to Amazon Music. Enter your Amazon credentials to navigate Amazon Music using your car’s MMI screen.

The partnership allows Audi to be the first car manufacturer to use Amazon Music in its in-vehicle infotainment system. The Amazon Prime Music lets you access to over two millions songs. It also comes with thousands of playlists and stations. The subscription plan starts at $9.99 a month. If you bought music through the said app, you could stream your library to your car without a membership or subscription.

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