Amazon Suing Fake Reviewers On Fiverr

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Do you read reviews on Amazon before purchasing a product? What do you think of those reviews? Last week, Amazon sued thousands of Fiverr sellers because they provide fake reviews.

Amazon Suing Fake Reviewers On Fiverr

Amazon Suing Fake Reviewers On Fiverr

False and Misleading

Amazon called those reviews as fake. These so called misleading and false reviews are written by more than 1,000 sellers on

These 1,000 anonymous defendants allegedly accepted money in exchange of giving positive reviews to certain products.

The lawsuit will include those online advertisements provided by writers who can leave five-star reviews on Amazon products in exchange for $5. They also offer additional service for an extra fee that can improve the reviews.

On Amazon, anyone can review a product that’s on the site. But the company prohibits writing of fictional or inauthentic reviews.

John Does on Fiverr

Amazon includes 1,114 defendants who are currently named as John Does. Although these defendants are selling their services on Fiverr, which is a freelance job marketplace, the company isn’t included in the lawsuit.

Fiverr representative said that it’s removing services and sellers that violate their terms of use.


The complaint from Amazon was filed on Friday in the Washington state. For Amazon, these reviews were deceptive and could tarnish the company’s reputation.

This lawsuit isn’t the first one filed by Amazon against bogus reviews.

In April, it has sued a great number of fake review sites and most of these sites have been shut down.

The Use of AI

In June, the company revealed that they’re using an artificial intelligence system that can weed out fake reviews.

The system can help in assuring customers that they’re seeing and reading the most authentic reviews about a certain product.

The algorithm of the system goes through those reviews that are considered to be true by most customers.

It gives extra weight to newer reviews and those reviews voted by customers as the most helpful.

By adding these changes in their system, the company is hoping that the feedback given is useful to other customers.

The system will continue to learn which of the feedback is the most helpful and enhance customer experience over time.

Amazon assured that most reviews on Amazon are authentic. They could indeed help millions of their customers in making an informed decision before buying anything.

The lawsuit will help them fulfill their goal of providing customers authentic reviews that are useful for customers.

Even though those reviews are just a small percentage, the company continues to improve its services and use a system that can easily detect and eliminate those reviews that violate the company’s guidelines.

They also terminate those accounts that utilize their system to create fake reviews.

And yes, they take legal action against a great number of individuals who violate their terms of use.

Foundation of Amazon

Some individuals go to Amazon to search for a product and read reviews. Even if they don’t buy it from Amazon, they’re using the site’s services to make an informed decision.

The product reviews are indeed the foundation of Amazon’s business for two decades. And if that would be tarnished, then it’s bad for the company’s business. Thus, Amazon suing fake reviewers is a great step to ensure quality reviews.

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