Amazon Offers Invitation-Based Ordering for PS5

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This is a new ordering option that will also include other high-demand but low-supply products. 

Amazon Invitation-Based Ordering 

If you’re planning to buy a PS5, you can get it through Amazon by requesting an invitation on the console’s product page. An e-mail will be sent to you along with a link that lets you purchase one in 72 hours. 

One of the best things is that you don’t have to sign up for its Prime subscription. It means that it’s open to everyone. 

Although it’s open to non-Prime subscribers, not all requests will be granted. In that case, requests won’t guarantee that you’ll get an invite. 

Of course, it won’t hurt you if click the request. It’s especially true that you don’t have to be a Prime subscriber to request an invite. 

For now, the request invitation system is for the PlayStation 5 which costs $499. If you’re looking for the cheaper PlayStation 5 Digital Edition which costs $399, then you’re out of luck. 

In the next few days, you can request an invite to buy the Xbox Series X at $499, according to TechCrunch

These two consoles were released in 2020. Unfortunately, they are now difficult to find. As of late, though, restocks have been more frequent. 

Walmart, for instance, just restocked PS5 consoles. However, you can only buy if you’re a Walmart+ subscriber. 

The restock offers customers a chance to buy this console for $499.99. This console comes with a disc drive. Plus, it includes a PS5 controller.

Subscription-Based Ordering

Subscription has become a trend now. Subscribers will have early access to consoles when they become available. 

On the other hand, if you don’t like refreshing your browser and get the chance to request an invite to buy, you can always choose the Xbox Series S. It’s always in stock. Plus, if you buy it on Amazon now, you can have it at $279. 

However, it doesn’t have the 4K capabilities. It also lacks a disc drive and larger storage compared to its expensive counterparts. 

Nonetheless, it still offers great gaming performance. Furthermore, it has instant load times and Quick Resume functionality. 

Or you can just choose Nintendo’s Switch OLED. 

Many sellers on Amazon have been gouging their prices on Xbox and PlayStation systems. They purchase them and sell them at hefty premium prices elsewhere. 

With the new ordering option by Amazon, it may mitigate the price gouging problem. It may also prevent inventory shortages. Furthermore, Amazon will check to make sure that the precuts are bought by genuine customers. 

Currently, PS5 and Xbox are just the first products that Amazon will feature for this type of ordering system. However, Amazon promises that it will expand it to other items and it will also be available to other countries in the future. 

Amazon wants to provide its customers with low prices and fast delivery and various options. It also develops a different kind of experience where customers can buy items without the need to worry that bad actors would buy and resell them at higher prices.

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