Amazon launches YouTube-like video service

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Amazon Video

Amazon brings a new video service


It looks like Amazon wants a piece of every pie. Back on April, the company launched a separate monthly subscription for its TV and movie collection that costs $8.99 a month. With that move Amazon is trying to beat Netflix and Hulu. Of course, if you do the math the $99 annual Amazon Prime bundle has still the best value. So, it’s too soon to tell if that move was the best one for them. But yesterday Amazon had another surprise for its customers. The online retail company announced a new service that looks a lot like YouTube. The service is called Amazon Video Direct and according the website it will help content creators and visual storytellers to reach millions of customers. The number is trully appealing!

Amazon offers to creators different ways to receive revenue from their videos. As seen on their website for each video, you can choose to earn royalties based on hours streamed by Prime members, a revenue share for rentals, purchases, monthly subscriptions, or ad impressions. They can also choose any combination of these options. Also, the creators can access the performance metrics such as minutes streamed, number of subscribers, projected revenue and payment history. In addition users have the ability to choose where their videos can be streamed. In others words the videos can be broadcasted where the service is available – U.S., Germany, Austria, UK and Japan. The cool thing is that the uploaded content can be played anywhere  Amazon Video works. That includes mobile phones and tablets (Fire, iOS and Android), game consoles, Smart TVs and Fire TV. And of course the Web.

“It’s an amazing time to be a content creator,” said Jim Freeman, Vice President of Amazon Video. “There are more options for distribution than ever before and with Amazon Video Direct, for the first time, there’s a self-service option for video providers to get their content into a premium streaming subscription service. We’re excited to make it even easier for content creators to find an audience, and for that audience to find great content.”

Lastly, the online mogul will distribute a share of 1 million dollars per month as a bonus to the Top 100 titles, included with Prime through Amazon Video Direct. This bonus -based on global customer engagement – is incremental to revenue earned from hours streamed, rentals, purchases, monthly subscriptions, and ad impressions. All of the titles included with Prime are automatically eligible.

One thing is certain. Amazon’s Video Direct offers new opportunities to video creators. But we don’t know how many of them will actually use this service instead of YouTube, that already has millions of users. And let’s not forget that many YouTube channels are making a small fortune. Will famous YouTubers decide to try Amazon’s new service? Who knows! We just have to wait and see.


Image source: WallStreetJournal


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