Amazon Launches New Alexa Feature for Brands — Does It Mean More Ads?

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Soon, Alexa will answer your questions with ads.

Buy More Things 

Amazon wants you to buy more things. Hence, it introduced new Alexa features to allow brands to submit their answers to some common questions. Soon, if you ask Alexa how to remove pet hair from your carpet, Alexa will no longer supply you with generic tips from the web. Instead, it will turn its answers into product spots. 

Customers Ask Alexa

When brands are registered with Amazon, they will see a new feature — Customers Ask Alexa — where can they discover and answer FAQs using self-service tools. But brands do not pay for the feature. It will be available to shoppers through the Amazon search bar later this year. 

This is a great thing for sellers. However, if you’re an Alexa user, you might be frustrated, especially if you don’t like to be bombarded with ads each time you ask a question. 

Amazon will moderate all brand-submitted answers. The program will start as invite-only. Of course, most companies will try to hijack answers for prime placement. 

The company also confirmed that it would allow brands and third-party sellers to email their customers directly. And many feared that it would open floodgates for spam. 

These features may bolster Alexa-driven sales. But Alexa users around the world don’t like purchasing with their voices. Only 10% of customers utilize Alexa for online shopping. 

But that did not stop Amazon from leveraging its Alexa-powered products as a way to advertise its precuts. Last year, it introduced interactive audio ads to let listeners add items in an ad to their Amazon carts. 

It also partnered with brands to launch promos as static images on its Echo devices. The ads are displayed during ambient use. 

Amazon is using voice data to attract higher ad bits from companies. As an Alexa user, you may not be comfortable with it. The company confirmed that it collects data using owners’ interactions with Alexa via speakers and other devices. 

Alexa dominates the market. However, there’s a group of people that get bored with it. One reason is that it is a bit unreliable. Its responses are based on algorithms. In that case, it can misunderstand the query. 

The result can be frustrating for users, especially if they have to repeat themselves. It is disappointing when making purchases on Amazon through Alexa. 

Then, there’s the privacy issue. Alexa is always listening to your conversation. It may spy on you. 

Many Alexa users want to see the device’s ability to answer questions improve. Although it can now understand complex queries, it still struggles with basic questions. 

They also want Alexa to customer their experience. That is, they want to choose how they can interact with the digital assistant. They want Alexa to answer more complex questions. 

Alexa users want their speakers to interact with them genuinely. And if Amazon would push ads to the results, it may frustrate more users. Amazon is still looking to provide improvements to ensure that users won’t be disappointed.

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Author: Jane Danes

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