Amazon Fire OS 5 No Longer Supports Encryption

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Amazon Fire OS 5 No Longer Supports Encryption

Amazon Fire OS 5 No Longer Supports Encryption

Amazon Fire OS 5 has dropped its encryption feature. Fire Phone, Kindle Fire tablets and Amazon Fire HD are no longer supporting device encryption. Many of its users are thinking that is has something to do with the Apple fight.

However, this decision of the company in removing onboard encryption isn’t a new development. It’s also not related to the fight between Apple and the FBI. Now, the real question is that why it decided to drop its encryption protection.

Last fall, the company introduced Fire OS 5 with additional usability features, along with its refreshing redesign. But it eliminated its device encryption support while it maintains its security features for communication when connecting it to Amazon’s cloud.

Amazon said that when it released the Fire OS 5, it has removed some of its enterprise features that are not frequently used by its customers. All of its tablets’ communication with the cloud has met high standards when it comes to privacy and security. And these would include the appropriate use of encryption.

But removing the encryption protection can be seen as a step back for security as a whole. Thus, it has left people thinking that its decision is backward. When other manufacturers are heading in the direction of providing utmost protection, Amazon is removing all choices its consumers have to choose to encrypt their device or not.

Without the encryption, Amazon devices will be more attractive targets for hacking. Thus, if you don’t like to post it to the Internet, you should never put it on your Fire Tablet.

However, Amazon is saying that its secure connection between the device and its cloud is still intact. But this doesn’t ease concerns over the data stored on the device. Data encryption matters a lot, whether it’s at rest or in motion. Remember that the device itself stores all of the users’ personal information, including credit card numbers and their other business details.

The lack of encryption feature would mean customers could no longer use certain email clients on their Fire tablets.

Is it really a bad move?

For months now, the encryption has been dropped. And it’s not a sign of retreat in the face of the current pressures. The absence of encryption has been ongoing since early of January this year.

This is a bad move made by Amazon as it doesn’t help its users at all, according to tech experts. Without encryption, it doesn’t fit into the trends of the industry and it may affect the corporate’s image.

Apple’s devices have made encryption as default. Users of Amazon devices, on the other hand, would have to decide to either turn on the feature or not.

Currently, Amazon devices that are running the older versions of its OS can still be encrypted. However, its latest products that have been running on Fire OS 5 don’t have the option to turn on encryption feature, which could have prevented thieves from accessing all data stored on those devices.

This is truly a sign that Amazon is going in the opposite direction of other tech giants, like Google, which has made its devices have encryption by default in its latest Android version.

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