Amazon Employees Stole $592,000 Worth of iPhones

If you’re an Amazon employee working at a fulfillment center, it’s easy for you to steal just anything, like an iPhone. But it’s also easy to get caught. 


The Spanish National Police arrested five Amazon employees in Madrid. These employees allegedly stole and shipped iPhones to their accomplices. 

These workers worked at a logistics center in Spain. With their positions, they could easily steal those products. 

The company discovered the theft when it shipped some packages of different weights from what Amazon expected. 

As a result, it installed hidden cameras to know the reason for the discrepancies. 

Alas, the company discovered that those five employees blocked the packages before leaving the warehouse. 

They removed the actual content from the package then replace them with iPhone 12 Pro. The company believes that these employees are working with someone who orders through the Amazon website. 

After discovering the modus, the police arrested three employees while they were about to leave work. 

The police also seized another employee who was still working. 

Realizing what happened to the four employees, the fifth person of interest just turned himself in. 

These workers possessed ten iPhones and many IMEI stickers. Supposedly, they removed the stickers from the iPhone boxes to hide their operation. 

The company fired the workers involved in the iPhone theft ring. It’s also investigating whether or not they have other accomplices. 

Amazon estimated the value of the stolen iPhones at $590,000. 

The alleged thieves will face trial. But it’s not happening yet. The police might also arrest their accomplices, who will also face trial. 

Criminals Prefer Apple Products 

It’s not the first time that Amazon employees are stealing Apple products from the warehouse. These workers don’t have to break in because they already worked there. 

In 2019, the Middletown, Delaware Police Department also arrested four Amazon employees working at the company’s Fulfillment Center. 

They stole Apple wearable products worth $100,000. 

But why do thieves prefer Apple products over other brands? 

The simple answer is that Apple products are expensive. If they sell those stolen iPhones, they could easily earn a lot. 

Furthermore, criminals like to use iPhones because of encryption technology. They are so secure that they can easily hide their wrongdoing. 

Criminals who used to use burner phones switched to iPhones. For them, the encrypted operating system of iOS is one reason they migrated to this expensive phone. 

In 2016, the government obtained a court order to require Apple to write a disable passcode protection program. This will help the authority to unlock the iPhone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino killings. 

But Apple argued that the move would threaten customer security. 

Other tech leaders supported Apple’s argument. 

The encryption technology of Apple is also one reason many people hooked to its ecosystem. It doesn’t matter how expensive the iPhones are. They would spend hundreds of dollars to get their hands on the latest iOS device. 

And if you got fed up with your old iPhone, you can still sell it at a significant amount. It’s always a win-win situation for them.

Author: Jane Danes

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