Amazon Acquires Ring – How Can It Help The Company?

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Amazon Acquires Ring - How Can It Help The Company?


Amazon acquired smart doorbell manufacturer known as Ring. The acquisition costs $1 billion.

Last summer, Ring included an Alexa ability that permits its users to utilize the Echo Show to find out and listen to people at the front door.

The offer implies Ring will be able to advance its goal. That is to minimize criminal offense in communities as it offers reliable yet economical home security tools to the neighbors making it a favorable effect on residences and communities.

The procurement is Amazon’s most current action to protect deliveries to homes and companies with the use of smart technology.

Amazon Key and Blink

Last fall, Amazon introduced Amazon Key. It’s a service to enable indoor package shipment to customers who are not at home. It calls for the purchase of an Amazon Key Home Kit. The package comes with an Amazon Cloud Cam and Kwikset or Yale. Users could keep track of shipments from another location in real time. Or they can view recordings kept in the cloud.

In 2017, Amazon obtained Blink. It makes wireless security cameras and video doorbells for home use. Likewise, Nest folded up back into Google earlier in February. 

Protecting deliveries is a vital element to ensure Amazon’s attack on the grocery market. Last month, it introduced a new perk for its Prime members. That is, they can enjoy free two-hour grocery delivery. However, customers must purchase $35 or more in groceries from Whole Foods.

The said feature started in Dallas, Texas, and Austin. The business prepares to increase the service to other cities this year.

Competing Walmart last fall revealed it partners with regional shipment solution, Deliv. It also partnered with August, a smart lock maker on its pilot program that won’t only permit delivery of groceries in your house but it also enables a messenger to place perishables in your fridge.

Both companies announced strategies to open up the solution to other retail partners. They’re under the name August Access. The system is compatible with Yale lock products.


Sam’s Club of Walmart went into a deal with Instacart for home shipment of groceries and other goods. It will run at first in Dallas Fort Worth and Austin, Texas. It’ll also be open in St. Louis. Throughout the year, the company will have nationwide development.

Warm Up Competitors

The Ring purchase is sure to warm up the competitors between the Amazon Echo and Google Home. The Echo includes Amazon’s Alexa AI software. The Home utilizes the Google Assistant AI to manage linked home devices.

Amazon controls this category with 69 percent market share. It’s around 31 million units sold. Google Home has a market share of 31 percent. It sold approximately 14 million units. Google is expanding rapidly. It accounts for 40 percent of smart speaker units offered during the last holiday buying period.

Internet of Things gadgets are at risk of hack assaults. It’s especially true with smart cameras. Customers have to be on guard each time they use a smart device.

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