Altium’s Designer Gerber Viewer for Linux Users

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Altium's Designer Gerber Viewer for Linux Users

Altium’s Designer Gerber Viewer for Linux is an innovative open source Gerber viewer for Linux. Altium Designer Gerber Viewer is part of Altium Designer as an all-in-one tool. Now you can come up with your idea, design it and convert it to Gerber for viewing inside the software.

You no longer have to use the CAM export function to generate Gerber files for sending to PCB manufacturers. No more wasting of time exporting Gerber files to other 2D drafting and mechanical CAD tools. You no longer need to spend lots of time adding several notes. You no longer need to spend time creating illustrations.

When you generate Gerber files, others can view these files using any EDA tools. Designs can be quickly reviewed, and mistakes can be detected. You can now import Gerber files from other EDA tools on your Linux computer.

Advantages of Altium’s Designer Gerber Viewer for Linux

  • All all-in-one solution that allows you to create your idea from inception to manufacturing
  • A platform that is easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to use
  • Quick creation of well-detailed manufacturing and assembly drawings with all necessary details
  • Tools for easy conversion to Gerber
  • Availability on Linux, MAC and Windows
  • Search live supplier data
  • Initiation of review process for fast review from other members of the design team
  • Generation of output documentation
  • Cross-probing, viewing and printing of design documentation
  • Full support of image panning and viewing
  • Allowance for Gerber parsing, rendering, editing and exporting into other programs
  • Reload operation for re-reading loaded files off disk. This feature helps users to hack Gerber files manually
  • Users can save sessions within project files, and colors and names can be reloaded
  • Auto-detection of Gerber files. Pick-placing and drilling of file types while reading files also supported
  • Display of files of different file formats
  • Display of files in ASCII format, X, Y Rotation and Placement Side information

is a prime PCB design tool.  

Gerber Files

Gerber files are open 2D binary image ASCII vector formats. These files can be used to send data to PCB manufacturers that use it to manufacture PCBs. Gerber files are used to send data to PCB manufacturers for manufacturing PCBs. There are two formats of Gerber files RS-274 D and RS-274X. The latest RS-274X format gives information like aperture info.

In the Gerber format, the different layers of a PCB like the top silk, interior layers, top metal etc. are held in separate files.

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