Alleged Leaked iPhone 5 Video Shows Boot Up Sequence

We will only officially see the iPhone 5 come Wednesday next week but a new video of what is alleged to be a leaked iPhone 5 shows how the device will boot up.

In a leak from Chinese site, a video of a device which looks like the iPhone 5 shows it compared to the iPhone 4S.

Furthermore, as the two devices are booted, you will see that the alleged iPhone 5 boots quicker than its predecessor.

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Apparently, the device pictured above was leaked from a Foxconn plant in Jincheng, China.

The person who leaked the photos and video to Vgooo says that he got his hands on the iPhone 5 at the Foxconn plant while he was visiting a friend.

He apparently took photos of it and a boot up with the iPhone 5 side by side with the iPhone 4S.

Look for the video of the allaeged iPhone 5 below as well as more photos.


Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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