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It seems that smart speakers have found a place in our home and they are going to stay for good! And the publishing establishment The New York Times seems to have figured out a way to use its popularity in order to enter more homes. The famous paper is launching some interesting new audio products designed for Alexa devices. The new service will include a daily news briefing, weekly quiz, and audio content that will be connected to the Sunday print edition of The New York Times.

The Audio Services

Say “Alexa, play The New York Times Briefing.”

With this feature, you will get the news in a flash. Start your weekdays with a news briefing, hosted by The Daily’s Michael Barbaro. To add it to your Flash Briefing, just ask Alexa to enable The New York Times Briefing. Then say, “Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?” or “Alexa, play The New York Times Briefing.”

Say “Alexa, play The New York Times News Quiz.”

Every week you will have the chance to play an interactive news quiz to see how well you stayed on top of the news. And no, you don’t win a prize!

Say “Alexa, play The Daily.”

Now, this feature will bring many listeners! You can listen to the award-winning podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro and based on New York Times journalism. You can enjoy it for 20 minutes a day, five days a week.

Say “Alexa, open The 52 Places, Traveler.”

Each year the paper chooses a list of 52 places to go. And you can find these places just by asking Alexa to check in with the globetrotting journalist and hear audio from destinations on the list.

Say “Alexa, open The Pop Music Roundup.”

The pop music editor Caryn Ganz will give you music recommendations to spur up your music list.

Say “Alexa, get book recommendations from The New York Times.”

Are you a regular bookworm and wondering what to read next? Allow the editors and critics from the Book Review to help with weekly recommendations.

Speaking to The Verge, the NYT’s voice editor, Dan Sanchez, said:

“We’re not just reading you a set of headlines.” “One thing we tried to do is to use that same narrative storytelling technique that’s in The Daily but in micro form. So we’re not just reading you a set of headlines, but actually trying to form an emotional connection.”

“We’ve been interested in voice technology for a while and we know that discoverability is a challenge. It’s hard for people to figure out what’s even available,” says Sanchez. “But we know that we have this tool at our disposal — the print paper — that we can use as a springboard for these experiences.” “We are planning to measure the success of these skills based on promotion in week one in the paper,” says Sanchez. “Whether we continue to do that remains to be seen.”

Author: Martha Papadimitriou

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