AirPods Case with Built-In Touchscreen

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AirPods Case will Have a New Interactive Display


Apple is said to be updating its AirPods case. The potential design might include an interactive touchscreen display. This is according to a patent application released last week

The case would allow listeners to access apps that are connected to the AirPods. Users could use the case to control audio settings. 

The front of the case would include a touchscreen display. It is similar to the Apple Watch. In addition to media controls, the display would also allow users to access basic apps, like Weather, Maps, and notifications. 

Users could also switch between apps just by using Siri commands. It is also possible to transfer a song from the device to a HomePod using Handoff. 

The company filed the patent last year. It only shows that it is exploring the idea internally. 

But the company files a lot of patents. However, only a few of them are found in real devices. Nevertheless, it is intriguing to see a UI-based OS with a touchscreen on the case.  

However, you may not like it if your current case keeps falling all the time. It is also redundant if you have connected your Apple Watch. 

Useful Update

It may still be useful for others. The case may respond to some gestures, including taps and swipes to navigate content or to call Siri. The case could change how you listen to your AirPods. 

The case might also include additional processors and memory modules. They would allow the case to perform certain instructions that are associated with smartphones and other connected devices. 

Including an interactive touchscreen display could reduce or eliminate the limits associated with user control of wireless headphones. 

Then again, this technology might not appear in the real product. It does offer an interesting insight into how the company is finding ways to make the case more functional. 

Since it launched in 2016, Apple has been working on enhancing the functionality of the AirPods and its case for different models. Some Pro cases are compatible with MagSafe wireless charging. They also have a U1 Ultra Wideband chip, a lanyard loop, and a built-in speaker. 


But Apple is not the only one that is exploring more features for its headphone cases. JBL, for instance, has a similar design. And it was shown during this year’s CES. 

The JBL Tour Pro 2 could arrive this spring. This would be the company’s latest flagship model. And it would include a touchscreen LCD to personalize audio settings. It is comparable to the AirPods case patent application. 

Apple has been introducing a series of Bluetooth-connected earbuds. It includes the Airpods Pro 2 last year. The said version is not perfect. However, it features top-notch functions and excellent performance considering its small design. 

In addition to an interactive touchscreen, AirPods might also receive a pertinent upgrade that can be helpful to those with hearing issues. With new hearing health features, the AirPods could be converted into a health tool. Currently, AirPods have features that could enhance users’ hearing ability through assistive technology.

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