AirPods Can Act as Hearing Aids: Should You Use Them?

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A study finds that Apple’s AirPods can work as hearing aids.

AirPods Can Be Used as Hearing Aids for Mild to Moderate Hearing Loss 

A study published in the journal of iScience stated that SOME AirPods could help people suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss. The experts tested AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro and compared them to premium hearing aids. 

The researchers found that the AirPods Pro stood out. It has met the majority of the technology standards for hearing aids

Can AirPods Replace Hearing Ads? 

They are not perfect. 

However, if patients don’t have access to professional hearing aids, they could be used, according to one of the authors. By using them, they might see an increase in their quality of life

It’s also important to note that most people with hearing loss are more comfortable wearing earbuds rather than using hearing aids because of the social stigma. 

Then, the fact that they have to visit a health professional for fine-tuning their hearing aids can be cumbersome for patients. 

The researchers said that AirPods Pro could be an alternative for patients. 

The wireless earphone market is increasingly popular. Some companies are now designing earbuds with audio amplification features. 

The study might encourage earbud manufacturers to include features that could help individuals with hearing loss. They might also add features that could improve the sound of podcasts and music. 

The FDA has cleared over-the-counter hearing aids for adults. But they are only ideal for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss. If you’re not in the category, these OTC products might not work. 

Since mid-October, these OTC hearing aids have been available from select companies. 

Visit a Medical Audiologist

However, it’s still vital to visit a medical audiologist. In that way, you could undergo a heating test and find out the level of your hearing loss. 

You might have severe hearing loss. Thus, those OTC hearing aids wouldn’t help. 

Not all audiologists recommend the use of OTC hearing aids. However, some people could take advantage of them. 

It’s important to note that AirPods are not designed and approved to be an over-the-counter hearing aid in the US. 

Thus, you must not go and buy a pair of these wireless earbuds for your hearing loss. Instead, choose to go to a medical audiologist and ask if you could benefit from AirPods. 

The study indicates that patients with hearing loss have several options now, unlike before. They can decide to invest in high-end hearing aids for their work. 

However, if they only have mild hearing loss and wish to improve their communication with their family members at home, then AirPod Pro might work. 

With or without hearing loss, AirPods Pro offers a premium wireless listening experience. One of the amazing features is active noise cancellation. It blocks environmental sounds so you can focus on your music. 

AirPods Pro earbuds let you get a quieter listening experience. You can also switch it off if you don’t need the feature to save battery life.

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