Adobe Firefly AI rolls out to big business

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Adobe Inc announced on Thursday that it will provide its major business clients with financial protection for copyright issues concerning content created using the tools when they use Firefly, its artificial intelligence tool for creating pictures.


The decision to include compensation comes in the wake of an increase in cases involving picture data used in AI services from firms like Stability AI and Midjourney, which can create visuals from only a few words of text.

Adobe introduced a beta version of Firefly, its own service, earlier this year, claiming that it was built using legally secure picture data.

Adobe, located in San Jose, California, announced on Thursday that it will begin giving Firefly to corporate clients as part of Adobe Express, a product geared at assisting business users who do not specialize in design in creating pictures and documents.


To reassure concerned clients, Adobe said that it will provide indemnification for photographs made with the service, though the firm did not provide financial or legal specifics about how the program will operate.

“We financially are standing behind all of the content that is produced by Firefly for use either internally or externally by our customers,” Ashley Still, senior vice president of digital media at Adobe, told Reuters.

Adobe also stated that businesses would be able to modify the service by teaching it to use their own logos and products so that “when employees are creating content, it is literally within their brand guidelines.”

Adobe also updated its digital marketing tools with AI-based capabilities on Thursday.

Suman Basetty, senior director of AI products for Adobe Experience Cloud, stated that any user would be able to produce reports from data in the system by asking natural language inquiries, such as requesting a comparison of online and offline sales over a certain time in a specific location.

“Rather than someone going over and pulling the data for a time range and generating the report, now you can see it. This essentially democratizes the data across the enterprise,” Basetty said.

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