Adobe Announces AI-Powered Video Editing

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Firefly for Video Can Generate Sound Effects and Music


Adobe announced Firefly. This is its entry into the generative AI. It is a family of AI models that are coming to its products. You can use ordinary language to generate new content. 

At the start, the tool’s focus was to generate safe images. However, Adobe is now pushing it beyond still images. As announced today, it will bring this tool to Creative Cloud video and audio apps. 

It is important to note that you cannot use it to create custom videos. Not yet anyway. Rather, it will make it easier for you to edit videos, add music or sound effects and create title cards using just a few words. 

It can also turn scripts into storyboards. Furthermore, it will recommend a b-roll that can liven up videos. 

New Features

The new features let you describe what a video must look like in just a few words. Then, it will start to color grade it. That is, it can brighten a face, for instance. 

The Importance of Color Grading 

Color grading is a method used to adjust colors and tones of a video. It is a vital part of the post-production process in filmmaking and photography because it helps in achieving a desired mood or look. 

Adobe has tools that can be used for color grading. These would include sliders, color wheels, curves, etc. They can be used to create a specific look or to match the color of footage shot in various lighting conditions. 

Instead of using those tools, you can just tell Firefly what the video must look like and it will create a certain look. 

This new tool can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a video or image with just a few words. You can create a consistent visual style throughout a project, enhance the mood and motion of a scene, and draw attention to specific elements within the frame. 

Good color grading can make a video or image look more professional and polished, while poor color grading can be distracting and detract from the overall quality of the work. 

Firefly can also generate custom sounds and music. It can help editors in creating logos, subtitles, and title cards by simply describing what they want the captions to look like. These are skills that are similar to After Effects and Premier tools. 

What’s more, is that Adobe is planning to utilize Firefly to read scripts. It can automatically generate storyboards and revisualizations. This will surely be a time saver for many creators. 

However, all those capabilities are only seen in Adobe’s demos. Thus, no one knows how well it will work in practice. 

Adobe ensures that its generative AI tools are safe in a commercial environment. With its image creator, it means that it could train on a limited number of images. These images are found either in the public domain or as part of its Stock service. In that case, it is a bit limited unlike other AI tools, such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion.

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