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Review - Acethinker Screen Grabber Pro

Days of using the default Prntscr button on your PC to take screenshot of your desktop no longer exist—and if they do, not as popular as what we have now. Things have changed; capturing tools with loads of easy-to-use features have taken over. For those who do online publishing, multiple options exist to get things done.

As a blogger, one of the things I do regularly is take screenshots—this is so important when I have to publish some graphic posts. While the default Prntscr on my desktop is still able to get some jobs done; it lacks some advanced features to enable my blog compete with the gurus. It soon dawned on me that being competitive is about using the best tools; even if I had to pay for it.

Got a couple of recommendations from my colleagues and friends, also dug dip into Google to see if I could find something suitable to what I needed. Luckily I found a few tools like Lightshot, Greenshot, and several others. While those tools were quite good, I soon discovered that I needed a tool with video-making functionality since more people these days are attracted to watching videos online than in the past.

Finally, I settled for the Screen Grabber developed by AceThinker. With ability to record screen along with sound and webcam, share recorded video to YouTube in 1 click, publish screenshots in 9 different video formats, annotate screen in real-time during recording, and many more; I knew I had come to the end of my search for the perfect screen grabber. Watch the below video explaining the benefits of Acethinker’s Screen Grabber and how to use it:

Record Virtually Anything on Your Computer

You can easily capture and save any activity happening on your computer screen. The software provides multiple screen recording modes so you can make screencasts from specific regions, full screen or around the mouse cursor. Popular video output formats such as MP4, WMV, MOV and many more are supported so you can publish and share the videos anywhere you like.

Edit and Enrich Your Screen Recording

AceThinker Screen Grabber has a built-in editor that lets you edit your video in real-time during the recording process. It provides you with multiple editing options so you can annotate and enhance your recording. You can add texts, lines, arrows, highlights, shapes, icons, etc. The software comes with a plugin-in editor that offers further editing features including Trim, Merge, Add Watermarks, Apply Special Effects, etc.

Create Scheduled Tasks for Recording

With Facebook and YouTube going big into live streaming, you have an able companion in AceThinker Screen Grabber. You could utilize this screen recorder to set a plan and let it record your screen automatically. Simply create a schedules task by setting the start time and recording duration. Then Screen Grabber will start the recording automatically at the appointed time, which means that you can record your computer screen without having to be in front of the computer.


AceThinker Screen Grabber has been a willing companion since I began using it; and since it gets all my screenshot jobs done in a breeze, I would like to keep using it for a long time.

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Author: Ola Ric

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