A new Image with a Nokia Windows 8 Phone Reached the Web! Here it is!

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Although the picture below does not really say much, it seems that it shows a future Nokia phone with Windows Phone 8 on board.

We are dealing here with an image leak with such a phone where you see only the back. As you can see the handset comes in yellow and has rounded edges.

Next week, on the 5th of September, Nokia will officially present its new collection of mobile phones, which will include eight Windows 8 models from the Lumia series. Rumors codename it as Phi, Arrow or Lumia 820/920, but nothing is known for sure, yet.


What we see here in the picture is apparently the Arrow model, which seems to be made of cheap plastic. Rumors say that the phone incorporates a 4.3-inch screen and notice that in this picture, the integrated camera, with flash, is positioned totally vertical, reminiscent of Lumia 800.

We don’t have other news yet, but it doesn’t look like a Lumia phone with a quad core processor and HD screen. Apparently we have something else here, maybe a 4.6-inch terminal, with a Pureview camera, a dual core processor and at least a 720p display. It is expected that the mid-range Lumia models to be updated and we will see followers for Lumia 710 and 610 with WP8 next week. This seems to be an image of one of the the “offsprings”.

Nokia is putting their faith in next week’s mobile launch, because the company cannot suffer another disappointment.

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