A Look Back At the Online Gaming Trends Of 2021

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A Look Back At the Online Gaming Trends Of 2021

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To recap what has been a monumental year for the internet of things, blockchain, and online gaming, we analyze top gaming platforms’ gamification and market capitalization. In what has largely been a crypto-led gaming industry, 2021 trends accelerated to delegate power and better gaming experience to users. Due to cessation of movement and government lockdowns, 2021 bred the next-gen gamers who heavily rely on anonymity and the Metaverse. We guide you through the notable online trends of 2021 that you may have missed and will improve come 2022.

Virtual Reality

VR burst into mainstream gaming in 2020, but it was 2021 that put it in the limelight. The pandemic forced people to shelter and miss the adrenaline of casinos and gaming centers. Virtual reality enabled gamers to recreate the Las Vegas experience in their homes using VR glasses and VR-powered consoles.

However, Facebook’s Zuckerberg-inspired Oculus Quest and Meta revolutionized gaming. Oculus Quest provides a VR experience without tweaking your PC or the need for pricey software.

A close partner to VR is Augmented Reality (AR) which is in the initial stages. But its development has been so massive that we have to put AR as a trend. Both AR and VR immerse you in the gaming world but cancel out reality. VR and AR have certainly faced some backlash. “If you die in the Metaverse, you really die!” Zuckerberg’s controversial statement highlights the work developers will have to put into better AR and VR.

2021 has shown the benefits of VR integration to create a holistic gaming experience for every user. We still expect more possibilities with what the metaverse promises.

Play To Earn Games

P2E games are certainly what the internet was in the 90s, with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates trailblazing the path other Palo Alto companies followed. Play-to-earn games are endearing to many gamers because they provide rewards for completing exploits in the game. Who doesn’t want some sweet cash on top of beating your peers in a game?

Cryptocurrency in liaison with Blockchain technology has been at the forefront of P2E games. Blockchain enables you to earn cash, NFTs, and in-game tokens that you can trade on the integrated marketplaces. Data analysis shows that gamers between 18-35 can make gaming a source of livelihood if they find lucrative play to earn games.

Play-to-earn games have shaped much of the 2021 online trends. And even better, 2022 is set to be a defining year with increased blockchain scalability, better games, and faster transactions. We are just beginning.

Cloud Gaming Services

The future lies in cloud-based games as the 5G network rolled out in 2021. Console gaming still maintains the market grip at the moment, but the pricey devices will have to take the backseat in the future. 5G eliminates the latency, progress tracking, and downloading speed problems. Additionally, gamers prefer the Netflix of games that cloud gaming offers since they can tap into more games with little fuss. It comes as no surprise that 2021 generated twice as much cloud-based gaming revenue as in 2020.

Major tech companies invested in cloud gaming, but Google didn’t have as good reception as Amazon among the gaming community. But still, cloud-based gaming attracted 87% of gamers.

Online Casinos

Who else misses Las Vegas? A trip to Vegas is one worth remembering. Whether you lost all your money with the bookies or made some life-changing profits, everyone wants to relive the Vegas experience. Visit and first-time rewards attracting many gamblers to this online casino.

Top online casinos integrated AI to redefine customer experience with interactive chatbots and data collection. Gambling developers utilize the data to tailor no deposit bonuses and unique games to each user.

Yes, we miss rolling the dice in Vegas, but online casinos are here to stay, and we have embraced them in 2021. What does 2022 hold for us? It is a gamble to predict accurately, but the odds favor a remarkable year for online casinos.


So, our soccer players are that good when it comes to football? We witnessed star soccer players showcasing their skills on FIFA for the better part of the year. With a meteoric rise of 69% from 2020, eSports platforms developed better gaming situations that replicate in-field scenarios. Fluid AI, better graphics, and live commentary are some remarkable exploits eSports accomplished.

There is still high demand for multiplayer platforms and peer-to-peer competitions. With an increased need for servers, the server breakdown issues still impede seamless gaming. 2021 has developed the framework for eSports that 2022 will build on.

Game Over

2021 is a wrap. Those who made money with play-to-earn games, traded NFTs and in-game tokens, discovered Metaverse are all looking forward to 2022. The online trends of 2021 will shape how we enjoy our games in 2022. It’s been a landmark year for the gaming industry, with nostalgic moments we will carry into future years.

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