A Detailed Guide to the Burmese Cat Breed

A Detailed Guide  to the Burmese Cat Breed

Are you looking for a clever pet? In case you have a soft spot for felines, the Burmese cat is a companion you would like to have by your side. Their silky coat, chocolate color, and golden eyes leave no human indifferent to their beauty.

Apart from being charming, Burmese cats are warm-hearted, inquisitive, social, and a little bit self-opinioned. These are among the favorite pets of humans due to their straightforward diet and grooming requirements.

This detailed guide to the breed will help your find out whether a Burmese is suitable for your lifestyle.


Having Siamese cats as ancestors makes the Burmese breed almost identical in temperament and personality traits. These silky-coated pets are charming, babbling, and devoted to their owners. Unlike the Siamese, the voice of Burmese cats is much softer and definitely more pleasing to the ear. These kind-hearted pets are never tired of showering their owners with attention and seeking the same behavior in return. Check this page for a description of the temperament, appearance, and genetics of the Burmese cat.

Moreover, these felines aren’t fond of staying alone in the house, having no one to engage with. Their playful nature makes them good pals with other feline breeds, even canines. Anyhow, pet parents should be prepared to have their privacy invaded, as the Burmese cat will be interested in everything you will be doing. He/ She will keep you company while cooking, watching TV, reading a book, sleeping, thus making sure you aren’t lonely even for a minute.

When having guests over, this feline strives to impress everyone present by paying special attention to each visitor. A male Burmese is always more passive and calmer, unlike females that require undivided attention and exhibit bossy behavior. This breed is known for expressing its stubbornness through meowing until having their way.


Burmese cats aren’t demanding when it comes to grooming, as they are popular for being light shedders. Their coat will retain the silky texture just by having it brushed with a rubber brush a minimum of once per week so as to eliminate the dead hairs.

In order to prevent the development of a feline dental disease, dental hygiene should be practiced regularly. The teeth of these pets should be brushed once a week, as well as have their ears checked for dirt. Since felines are intricate about their bathroom habits, it’s paramount to clean their litter box regularly.

Common health issues

Even though the members of the Burmese breed are considered generally health, these animals are still genetically predisposed to experiencing particular health problems. For instance, they are prone to developing hypokalemic polymyopathy, referring to a medical condition that causes muscular weakness. The neck and limbs are most affected by the condition, which leads to a walking disability.

Furthermore, this breed is susceptible to diabetes, particularly affecting senior and obese members. As a result, pet parents are advised to keep an eye on the weight of their companions to reduce the chances of diabetes. Also, these cats are at higher risk of experiencing glaucoma, which eventually results in blindness.

Additionally, Burmese kittens are affected by the flat-chested kitten syndrome, which either disappears as they enter adulthood or requires surgery. Due to their chest deformity, kittens are prevented from breathing correctly.


Burmese are incredibly energetic creatures, always in the mood of rolling over, playing fetch, or walking around the house. Therefore, the diet of these felines should be suited to their vigorous lifestyle, requiring plenty of proteins to keep active. Spare some time to in order to check the range of delicious cat treats. Feeding your pet with kibble is essential for keeping optimal oral health and preventing dental diseases.

Given the finicky nature of felines, pet parents are advised to feed their companions with food in different forms and flavors. It’s vital to control the amount of food they consume so as to prevent obesity. As previously mentioned, obesity is the main cause of diabetes and hypertension in these creatures.

Final thoughts

This breed of felines provides the best choice of pets for people who love energetic, clever, and robust cats!

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