9 critical features to ensure successful online Maths training

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9 critical features to ensure successful online Maths training


Math is a tricky subject for many kids in school. Whether in elementary or high school, students get to the point where they need extra help to supplement classroom learning. Even math for second graders can get complex since children get introduced to new concepts like place value, measuring, etc.

While teachers and parents can’t always do much to help kids, reputed online education platforms such as “Brighterly” strive to give kids the best learning experiences. Online education has evolved as one of the best resources for teaching maths online and there are many ways your child can benefit from it.

1.  Self-paced learning

Tutors understand that kids learn differently, and there’s no magic wand that works for every student. Thus, the tutors should adjust their teaching approaches based on a student’s abilities and learning speed. With self-paced learning, kids can first learn the concepts they understand before moving to more complex topics.

Learning at their own speed enables pupils to discover how to study best and tackle math problems they may come across. Children can also improve their retentive memory if they are given extra time to focus on challenging math problems. Also, they can communicate with their tutors in a private environment without the fear of being bullied or mocked.

2.  One-on-one classes

Students learn a lot with one-on-one classes according to individual schedules. This type of class is excellent for children who have too many activities to handle or tight schedules at school. They will be able to study in their free time.

Even though the instructors provide videos and other resources to help students understand the topics easier, one-on-one classes are mandatory. Live classes give learners the chance to have their pending questions answered.

3.  Placement tests for students

When you register your child for online education, the tutors should prepare assessments to ascertain a kid’s academic appetite and level. The test is a practical and accurate way for tutors to assess students’ math abilities.

Learners may exhibit their talents and knowledge via well-constructed examinations which reflect how close they are to fulfilling educational standards and objectives. After the test, students may benefit directly from the placement test since the instructors can customize the individual learning impairments of new students.

4.  Qualified tutors

Math tutors use their knowledge and skills to explain even the most complex mathematical subjects in the most straightforward manner possible. These professionals use the most effective methods like worksheets and hands-on activities when it comes to teaching.

Using their own experiences and skills, effective math instructors are able to explain both easy and complex math subjects in the most straightforward terms. They will show your kids how to do mental math and also ace their math examinations.

5.  Individualized schedule for kids

Tutors should focus on individualized learners’ schedules. Use of technology allows parents to arrange learning appointments and cancel or reschedule classes. Working according to individual schedules can be a better learning experience.

With online classes, kids will have a more flexible schedule and the opportunity to properly balance going to school and taking up extra classes at home. Even if they are homeschooled, kids can conveniently merge their math classes with other extra-curricular activities.

6.  Practice worksheets for self-paced learning

Along with the course curriculum, adding free math worksheets and games for kids to use while learning maths can make the learning fun. With math training materials for all grades and ages, your children will have fun as they study with engaging activities.

Whether your child chooses to learn counting, percentages, sorting, decimals, or exponential equations, tutors can recommend perfect worksheets to help your kids. The website boasts unique lessons and interactive math practice for kids.

7.  Regular performance & prospects feedback

Performance feedback is necessary to rate children’s success and effectiveness of the used methods. Using different assessment techniques, tutors can monitor kids’ performance frequently.

The teachers are trained and know unique ways to regulate students’ performance and fit necessary information into learning. This way, they are aware of the kid’s strengths, limitations, effectiveness of the teaching curriculum, and level of understanding. Feedback improves the relationship between tutors and their students.

8.  Games-focused learning process

The tutors must encourage and inspire students to master new skills and strengthen current ones. They recommend using online and hands-on activities for students to understand math better. Creation of a gaming environment that incorporates math is necessary.

Gaming can help students acquire skills and generate an emotional connection to learning. Playing strategic games can help kids increase brain function.

9.  Personalized approach to learning

Personalized learning aims to tailor instruction to each student’s individual needs and interests. Each kid follows a customized learning plan based on their prior knowledge and placement test results. This approach allows tutors to reflect on kids’ performance and design future learning plans.


Online learning can provide kids with unique resources that can be used to study and also enjoy math. Good educational websites believe in making math simple for children through engaging activities and fun games. The tutors also determine which math concepts pupils find difficult and then choose the best ways to tackle their challenges.

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