The 80/20 Rule In Social Media

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One of the most simple yet often overlooked advice for small businesses promoting themselves on social media is to not overdo self-promotion.

That’s why today, let’s take a moment to internalize what this infographic from reminds us.

This is called the 80/20 rule in social media and may it be a guiding principle each of us remember every time we plan to post something on our social media fields.

In essence, what this tell us is to keep self-promotion to a maximum of 20 percent of all the content we post on social networks.

What does this mean? It means that if you have make ten posts on Facebook for the whole week, keep posts like “Hey! Want a discount on our new product? Click this link!” to just two.

The other 80 percent of your content should be quality content.

The infographic tells us that these are content that tell stories, are entertaining, and are relevant to your audience.

As we said in the past, a good yardstick to gauge whether the content you are posting is quality content is that your audience should find value in the stuff you post.

The infographic gives us a ton of examples which include:

  1. Tips – Content that provide tips make people come back for more, especially if they find these to be useful. Make sure that these tips are relevant to your audience and that they may be able to use these frequently if not daily.
  2. Video – Video can either be self-promotional or offer relevant information to your audience. These can also be entertaining. Great videos can increase engagement and the number of people who will return to your social media page.
  3. How-To – How-To content are related to tips but are usually a step-by-step guide in doing a certain task. Again, make sure that people find value in your how-to content by making them relevant, novel, concise and clear. The goal of this type of content should be to make the lives of those who read it better.
  4. Testimonials – Testimonials are a great way to encourage people to buy your product or service. What can be more convincing than a user of a product or service who tells other people that they find the product or service totally worth it?
  5. Business Tools – If you make the lives of the people who visit your social media page easier, you are guaranteed that they will be looking out for content that you post, even those which are self-promotional.
  6. Blog Posts – Link to blog posts through posts on your social media pages. However, not all blog posts should be self-promotional. Again, give value. A way of doing that is by posting the content mentioned above and below on your blog and linking them in a post on social media.
  7. Pictures – Since people are very visual, take advantage of the visual content you already have. If you do not have a trove of photos lying around, go out and make some. Another great way to have photos for social media posts is by browsing great content from others. Just make sure that people will either be entertained or will find something useful in these photos. Also make sure to credit your sources.
  8. Graphs – Graphs are a great way to summarize information, especially if you find content inside a table boring (which we’re pretty sure is most of us). Every time you have some useful data which you want to share through social media, ask yourself whether you can share it through a graph.
  9. News – Be a great aggregator of news relevant to your industry and your audience and share these on your social media pages. There have been many companies who have been successful with this strategy and they keep their audience by being a great source of news from all over the web. Make sure that you give your two cents about certain developments too.
  10. Products – Another thing we’d like to add here is that you should post about your products. However, this can easily become self-promotion. How does one not make it self-promotion? The answer is by sharing how these products can actually be used by your audience. Don’t include a call to action like “Buy now!” If you do great at showing that this is a really helpful product, people are going to buy it even if you don’t say so.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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