8 Ways To Sell Your Property On Social Media

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8 Ways To Sell Your Property On Social Media

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Not all real estate agents are tech-savvy. But just like other professions, they use the social media to spread the word about their listings.

Running an ad for $5 a day and targeting people within miles of the house can effectively get the word out. From there, you’ll receive multiple offers on the property.

Within a month, you’ll get a full-price offer. What’s more is that you can save a significant amount of money in realtor fees.

Social media is known to help sell a property fast. Keep in mind that most buyers are now using online tools when searching for their next home. That’s why you must consider posting your home or property for sale anywhere in the US on social media.

1) Engage with your audience

When selling a property, it’s vital that you make it available for listings, viewings and open houses. By using the digital tools, it makes it easier.

You can make videos and share them with your followers. Make sure that the videos are interactive. In that way, your potential clients can have the same experience as they do in real life while you’re reaching to a bigger audience.

On Instagram, for instance, you can show videos about your property tours, brokerage information or neighborhood profiles. The videos must be engaging, and they must capture the imagination of your viewers online as you deliver information about the house you sell.

2) Use Facebook Page

The majority of real estate agents are using Facebook to market their properties. Their goal in using a Page is to gather as many potential buyers as possible to increase their commission.

The best thing about Facebook is that it has a broader reach than a traditional marketing method. But you must create an appealing Facebook page.

3) Promote your offer on Twitter

Twitter may not have a bigger audience as Facebook, but it’s as useful as Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. However, maximizing its potential can be a daunting task.

Then again, if you just spend two hours of your time each time on this platform to promote your offer can provide you with big payoffs.

To catch the attention of your potential buyers, however, you need to be creative. You must avoid sounding like a marketer.

Keep post and conversation as casual as possible. Some real estate agents create a separate account for one of the properties they sell.

4) Advertise on Facebook

Facebook ads can boost the reach of what you offer. But you must use the right images for your ads. But don’t put your face on the image.

Rather, choose a photo that can showcase the property. If you’re not a professional photographer or don’t have the equipment, you can hire a professional photographer to capture the image that you can use on your Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.

You must only use images that are relevant to your fans. That’s why it’s vital that you study their profiles to know what they like.

5) Pin it

Pinterest may not be popular as Twitter or Facebook. However, if used correctly, it can help you boost your real estate ads.

Create appropriate pin boards. Then, make sure to upload original images of your company and properties you’re selling.

But do it in moderation. Your followers might get overwhelmed and put off. Instead of publishing photos any time you want, make sure to publish them on certain days and times of the day.

In a research, it showed that Thursdays and Fridays are the busiest days on social media. Around 7 am, 5 pm and 11 pm are the business time. That said, if you post your updates on these days, your target audience might miss them.

Here’s the best time to post on Pinterest.

6) Make it visual

Humans are visual beings. That’s why Facebook considered posts with images to be more important to users. People would be drawn to the property by just looking at your lovely photos about the property. When they see those photos, they would immediately make an appointment so they could see it.

Thus, make sure to take the time to obtain quality shots of the property. Facebook is a visual platform, and high-quality photos can garner a lot of attention.

You can use free photo-editing apps to enhance the color and attractiveness of the images. Or just opt for a professional photographer to photograph for your beautiful listing.


Source: https://vht.com/drone/

7) Invest in drone photography

Yes, you can take it to the sky through drone photography and video. Nowadays, drone photographs have helped real estate agents and owners of properties in selling their homes. It’s a huge tool that you must take advantage of.

If your property has an oceanfront, for instance, highlight it using video and aerial shots. Properties for sale with drone footage get the most traffic on Facebook and other social media platforms. They also generate the most interest.

When using drone photography, make sure to highlight the acreage of the property. Don’t forget its magnificent views and closeness to a national park and other landmarks.

8) Host some contests

To improve engagement levels on your social media channels, opt to host contests. These contests should develop deep relationships with your potential buyers and clients.

They can help you get to know what their likes and dislikes are. Furthermore, contests can promote your company or yourself as a realtor.

One of the contests you can run is a voting contest. In here, you can ask your fans to vote which of the photos they like best. Or ask them to choose a property from your latest listing. Then, make sure to ask them why they wanted those options.

Final Thoughts

Social media is a place where people want to hang out to connect with their family and friends online. If you’re selling a property, you should consider connecting with your friends and family. Doing so will help you provide word of mouth marketing and build trust.

With its benefits, you should continue leveraging its reach and audience to keep your business relevant to your consumers.

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