8 ways to save memory space on your gadget

8 simple ways to save memory space on your gadget

Portable gadgets have recently become an integral part of the life of many modern people. Most smartphones and tablets owners sooner or later face the problem of lack of memory.

In budget models, the volume is, as a rule, four gigabytes, but here it should be taken into account that the operating system occupies at least a fourth part of it. All modern games, as well as high-quality photos, music, and movies, require large amounts of memory. So, at some point, the user will not be able to install the necessary application, download the required data.

The lack of free space also affects the speed of the device itself. In this article, we will tell you how to free up space on your device and make it more productive.

First of all, you can transfer files to external media and optimize your smartphone. Before you free up the internal memory on the gadget, you need to understand where the data that occupies the device comes from. Here are several of the most common options:

  • saving photos, music, and video;
  • data used for social networks;
  • voice recorder audio;
  • data downloaded via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;
  • Applications from the Play Store, saved in the device’s memory.

1) How to prevent files from being saved to a device memory?

It’s very easy! You need to redirect the download of files from the device’s memory to other media. For example, on a memory card (SD card).

You should also change the parameters of the saving path in the settings of some applications: camera options; voice recorder options; your web-browser, and so on. In all the mentioned settings, the path must lead to a specific folder (or several folders: separately for music, video, pictures, and files), which is located on the memory card.

8 ways to save memory space on your gadget

2) How to move data?

It is better to move files from device memory to a memory card in the folders with the same titles. You can create them using any file manager downloaded from the Play Store, or by connecting the device to a computer. Moving to places with similar standard names will help avoid unnecessary confusion. Folders, as a rule, have the following names:

  • Bluetooth
  • DCIM
  • Download
  • Media
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Video
  • Sound

Please note that moving program files can lead to device malfunctions, you should be aware of this before you clean the space of the Android’s internal memory.

3) How to transfer files directly to the device?

To transfer pictures, music, and video directly on the device, it is better to use the file manager. Simple and reliable to use is the ES Explorer. This file manager is very light, convenient and does not occupy a lot of memory space. To transfer the necessary data, you need to select them with one long click. Choosing the action “move,” you should click on the “SD-card.” The advantage of this file manager is that the menu allows you to create new folders for transferring files immediately.

4) How to transfer files using a computer?

To clear the internal memory of your device using a computer, you need to connect the device to a PC using a USB-cable. Problems that arise when transferring files using a PC are easily fixed by the free AirDroid service, which provides the ability to work with the device from a distance by connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Firstly, it’s good that you don’t need to additionally install any programs and drivers to recognize your smartphone or tablet. Secondly, this service provides communication between the devices at a distance longer than the cable. And yet, how to free up system memory using a computer? It’s all very simple – data management is possible through any browser.

8 ways to save memory space on your gadget

Besides that, if you have many videos on your phone, there is no need to store them forever. You can easily transfer large video that occupies much space on a PC and burn them on a DVD.

Thus you will save free space both on your device and PC. And moreover, you will be able to watch your videos on a big screen of your TV. To , use free software from Freemake. It will do the job in a couple of seconds. Simply add the videos into the software, then click “to DVD” option and insert a blank disk. Then run the burning process. After that, you can delete the original videos from your device and get some more space.

5) How to move apps to SD card?

To perform this operation for applications, as a rule, you need to have special rights, namely administrator rights, which will allow you to manage all files fully. You can get administrator status by installing additional software or changing smartphone settings. In the latter case, everything is much simpler. Devices, in the settings of which you can set the “developer mode,” allow you to perform many actions that are not available to ordinary users, for example, to set fake localization. If administrator access is already enabled, then you should install Link2Sd application. It allows you to transfer standard applications from the device memory to the memory card.

This action can be performed in the device settings. But the standard method is not very convenient, and if you have no desire to change the settings, it is better to download the Android Assistant application. Android Assistant consists of eighteen tools for handy work with Android. To transfer the apps, open the program, go to the “Toolkit” section and select “App2Sd”. A list of applications that can be transferred will appear.

6) How to clean the device from unnecessary garbage?

By completing the steps above, you can make significant progress in the process of clearing the memory. Once you have set the correct settings, you will most likely not have to repeat these actions. However, you will need to remove the so-called garbage like cache data or browser history. By installing a particular application (for example, Clean Master), you can make the cleaning process quick and easy. Periodic cleaning allows you to increase the free space on the device and speed up your phone or tablet. Using Clean Master, you need to select the option “trash” and click “clean.” The application, conducting in-depth analysis, “understands” which files do not need to be deleted.

8 ways to save memory space on your gadget

7) How to store files on the Internet?

To free up the internal memory on a gadget, you can also use the cloud storages. Having installed an application of this type on a smartphone, to gain access to the data, it will only be necessary to register and then enter your login and password. Among the most successful cloud storages, you can select Google Drive, Mega storage, OpenDrive or Dropbox.

8) How to make a complete cleaning device?

8 ways to save memory space on your gadget

To radically clear the memory of the device, you need to make complete removal of all data. The action is performed using the “Formatting” option. As a rule, this option is located in the device settings in the “Backup and reset data” tab. After confirming the user’s intentions and deleting data, the device will reboot and get its original appearance, that is, the smartphone will not have everything that was installed and downloaded after the purchase. So before doing it, make sure you have copied all the necessary data.

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