8 Versatile Content Marketing Tools to Boost Retention [Infographic]

8 Versatile Content Marketing Tools to Boost Retention [Infographic]

Source – http://www.adweek.com/digital/content-marketing-2015/

The time when the primary brand goal was, by all means, to make a random person buy a product is long past. Now a single sale hardly plays a big role in the brand success. The main focus of the businesses concentrates on the customers’ retention and earning their loyalty.

Why is it so? The logic is simple. If you trust some brand you’ll more likely return to it again then will look up its competitors. But most importantly, if you’re looking for a niche product, you’ll rather make your first purchase from the brand that your friend recommends you. Not from the one, you’ve never heard of before. And when digging a little bit further we find out that most of the people, especially millennials, make their buys based on the media comments and recommendations. It means that for now, a customer’s’ trust becomes an indicator of a top-priority for any brand.

What you should know for sure is that this kind of trust is not based solely on the quality of your product. As the Forbes puts it, the statistic is troubling. Up to 80% of the customers that define their experience with the brand as satisfying never come back to it again.

The root of such state of affairs lies in the lack of connection between a brand and its customers. Such kind of connection can be provided by strong customer support, good social and content marketing strategy. Well, foremost, it sounds very costly. However, the statistic proves the opposite. Most of the analytic resources define the cost difference of attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones between 6 and 10 times in favor of retention.

As was already mentioned, one of the ways of getting your customers’ trust is to improve your content marketing tactics. In the infographic below prepared by StudentShare.net, you’ll find the description of eight content marketing tools that have already proved their effectiveness. They will help you to direct your marketing plan and boost the engagement rate of your social media pages. In other words, they will help you to make your customers communicate, purchase and ultimately return to your brand.

8 Versatile Content Marketing Tools to Boost Retention [Infographic]


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