8 time saving steps for pro social media management [INFOGRAPHIC]

8 time saving steps for pro social media management [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is a key part of building an online profile whether for small businesses, established organizations or brands so well-known they’re household names. While the early days of social lacked the professionalism needed for it to be a logical place for businesses, as time has gone on it’s often the first place prospective or established customers go to for intel. Regardless of if users are visiting pages to find out what’s happening, air grievances or check for official responses, business social accounts have a serious role in the economy of public perception.

Despite this, the place of social media within the organizational structure of businesses ‒ from responsibilities overseeing channels to comprehensive roles ‒ is still catching up. Unfortunately this often has a detrimental effect on how the business is running. While social media has become a key conduit of the marketing, communications, customer service and sales operations in the modern economy it’s not always seen that way at the top of the company. Not only are the social media activities of the business not valued in the dynamic sense, they’re also likely taking up huge amounts of time due to a lack of planning, reactive troubleshooting to resolve issues and comments, and missed opportunities for strategic work.

In the past, even if businesses saw these reports about they might have been able to justify inaction on tradition but the events of 2020 showed the linchpin qualities of social media for connecting with customers even when the world was locked down. In addition to channels being a powerful, and free, tool for seamlessly delivering messages to target markets, there’s also been a spike in social media use across the world. It’s truly more important than ever for businesses to have a robust and efficient approach to how they manage their channels as well as transform what they do.  John Hall breaks this down in a piece for Forbes writing:

“Globally, over 3.6 billion people use social media today, and that number is expected to increase to 4.41 billion by 2025. When 4.41 billion people can give you real-time feedback on your transformation, it makes for a faster, better evolution.”

So, where to from here for business owners looking to up their social media game in a way that really drives home their message, closes sales and communicates influentially? Getting the message right is familiar to audio branding specialists M2 On Hold who shared this practical infographic guide for ’How To Manage Social Media Without It Taking Up All Your Time’ for better outcomes with customer engagement, channel profiles and overall workflow. Check out the full resource below with key aspects of tactical social media management covered including support tools, building an audience and delivering high quality content. Here’s to growing your social media channels and seeing qualitative and quantitative returns on your marketing investment!

8 time saving steps for pro social media management [INFOGRAPHIC]

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