8 Simple Tips for Marketing Your Business on Pinterest

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Did you know that Pinterest is now fueling more referral traffic than its competitor Google is? If you are not using Pinterest, now is an excellent time to dive in. With Pinterest, users can create a pinboard with numerous pictures from across the Internet, which can then be shared with others.

To drive traffic to your site using Pinterest, follow these simple steps:

Images Should Appeal to Customers

Since Pinterest is a highly visual social network that involves sharing beautiful images, make sure that the photos you’re sharing are enticing and high quality. That is the 1st and most important step to catch users attention in a way that they will want to pin your images to their boards. The clearer and more inviting an image is, the more users will want to remember it and show it off to others.

Create a Board around Your Services or Products

Using a board allows you to highlight the goals of your company in a manner that is appealing to consumers. If you are a restaurant owner, your boards could highlight your specials, appetizers, drinks and entrees. Viewers will be able to find exactly what they are looking for in a specific area.

Link Images to Your Website

As soon as someone makes the decision to share your images, you will want to make sure that anyone clicking on those images will be referred to your company. Linking your images is quite simple, but it provides you a wealth of benefits for the long haul.

Engage Followers with Fun Boards

Try creating a board that is fun and engaging for followers. Implement a board where others are able to post comments on images. Not only will users become involved, but also they will form a connection with your company’s profile page.

Post Links to Facebook and Twitter Pages

You will be able to share information with all of your existing communities that already exhibit an interest in your company. Since you already have a following on your social media networks, those users will want to pin your images and show others.

Spend Time Perfecting Your Board

Just like anything else for your business, you will need to spend time honing your board. Build relationships with others who have quality pins on their site. Once you garner the attention of others, they will end up posting information about your product on their boards. Focus your time on those who are going to provide you with the highest level of likes.

Keep Things Simple

One of the biggest things that draw users into the site is that of user friendliness. Everyone gets a Pinterest board of equal size and proportion. As you post a picture, make sure it links back to your site to help boost your traffic volume.

Connect Your Presence Online with Your Physical Presence

It is imperative that you connect the dots between your Pinterest page and physical location. Most of the time, stores will run promotions online to draw customers into their physical location. In a short period, you will notice a return on your investment and time by advertising through your social medial sites.

This Guest post was submitted by Mary Ann Shultz who is a social media marketing specialist that is currently having an internship at IronMonk Solutions, an established web marketing firm with a strong focus on social media management and marketing. Learn more about their SMM services here: ironmonk.net/social-media-marketing.

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