7 ways Google Bard can be of help to you

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From generating codes to writing a draft to chatting you up, Google Bard can be of help in so many ways. Here are seven ways Google’s generative AI can be of help in your day-to-day activities.

Generating Codes

Learning codes? Google Bard can be of help in this area and help speed up the learning process. The generative AI can be of great help, especially if you are learning programming for the first time. It can provide a lot of support to help you understand what a block of code would look like.

Image Analysis

Need help analyzing images? Let Google Bard lend a helping hand in that regard. Simply upload an image and ask Bard to share information about the image or create content based on your upload. You can also share a photo of handwritten notes from a recently held meeting and ask Bard to write a recap.

Personal Editor

Cannot come up with the right words? Let Bard be your personal editor by helping you find the right words to use in your emails. Bard can help you organize, edit, and put your thoughts into words. Even in those moments when you cannot find the right words, Bard can provide you with the right composition to express your thoughts.


Feeling bored and need someone to chat with? Stir up the perfect conversation with Bard, your perfect companion. Get rid of the boredom by asking Google Bard to keep you company with some jokes or chatting about your hobbies and favorite characters.

Party Ideas

Too busy to come up with the perfect party ideas? Get all the brilliant ideas that you need by chatting with Goodle’s generative AI. With the AI’s rich library of content, you can get the perfect party ideas in no time.

Learning Something New

Want to learn a new sport or game? You can learn a crash course in soccer or hockey within minutes. 

Dating Ideas

Going out on a date and need a little help on what to wear or say on your first or next date? Trust Bard to help you out with some useful tips on saying the right words or finding the perfect restaurant in town.

Google Bard can help with a lot of things, but never share sensitive information with it.

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Author: Ola Ric

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