7 Tips on Effective Influencer Marketing Collaboration

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Meta has posted tips from Instagram stars via its recent VidCon activation. It provides key notes on how to optimize influencer campaigns.

FILE PHOTO: A 3D printed Facebook’s new rebrand logo Meta is placed on laptop keyboard in this illustration taken on November 2, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

1. Deploy a multipronged strategy. Meta says brands should use various streams: Stories, Feed and Reels. This maximizes presence and reach. It helps Meta add more content to its system, but ensures your messaging reiterates and improves your brand recognition and reach.  

2. Give the story to creators. Key to influencer marketing is . Creators must reflect the same attitude and style as your brand. Let your selected influencers explore your promotions from their standpoint.

3. Align the creator’s and your brand’s values. To ensure an authentic, relatable image, choose the right influencers for your brand and goals. You can then maximize connection with your audience and content.

4. Use creators’ insights. Creators with the biggest follower count may not be in your industry or niche. Use analytics and ensure that their audience is your target market. People must respond to their content Dig deeper into the elements to ensure there’s a good match for your efforts.

Dig into a creators’ analytics with Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager.

5. Connect with creators IRL and online.

A few Instagram creators at VidCon said that face-to-face meetings with brand representatives is more valuable to see a real connection and alignment. It tests if collaboration is good or bad. Brands should make personal contact if possible. Meet with your potential creative partner to talk about the details of your proposed project.

6. Ask creators to pin branded content atop their grid. Grid pinning is now available on Instagram. It allows influencers to add promotions by making sure its at front to see easily.

7. Think of what you will gain from working with creators. Meta says brands gain trust from creators. It means that you are paying for that connection. And you use the engagement and connection that influencers have established. Creators also need to consider who they partner with to maintain trust.

Instagram has posted videos in its ’We Create’ series. It checks how creators can work with brands, businesses and agencies in the app.

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