7 Reasons Why You Should Play Computer Games

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7 Reasons Why You Should Play Computer Games

Source – bbc.com

People often call computer games bad for health and computer games are criticized very much but to be realistic and honest, playing computer games can be good for you in a number of different ways. Most people would disagree with this but surprisingly, computer games are beneficial and can teach valuable lessons and also improve mental skills. Here are some reasons why you should play computer games.

Teach You To Accept Failure

If you would ask successful people that did face failure or fail in anything in trying to reach where they are today then most of the people would say Yes because life is not perfect and everyone has failed at something in their life. Even the great successful people such as Thomas Edison, JK Rowling, Michael Jordan, all suffered failure in their and failure is important to succeed ahead in life.

While playing most of the computer games, you would start out with more than one life and this tells you that it is okay to fail at something. You cannot complete the whole game in go and while playing the game, you will fail many times. This will teach you to be persistent and the ability to stick with something and see it getting done without giving up or getting demoralized. This is a very important skill and most people don’t have the courage to accept failure in their lives.

Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Most computer games are very complex nowadays, requiring the complete use of the brain. The games start off easy but as you proceed further in the game, it starts to become difficult and require critical thinking and intense problem-solving skill to proceed further in the game. This improves the problem-solving skills of an individual and someone who plays computer games regularly will excel at this skill and his problem-solving capability will be improved as compared to those who don’t play computer games.

Keep Your Mind Active

In our childhood days, we were active, both physically and mentally but as we grew up, we succumbed to both mental and physical decline. Getting involved in physical activity such as exercising daily or going to the gym will help prevent the physical decline but to prevent mental decline or at least slow it down, one needs to keep his brain busy in something that requires the use of mind. In doing so, the brain will stay active and ship. Playing board games such as Scrabble, Sudoku, and Crosswords are very beneficial in this regard, plus playing computer games that are complex and tricky will also do the job and keep the mind active.

Another popular way to keep mentally active is playing lotteries. Depending upon which part of the world one lives in, local population actively participates in playing lotteries and bingo games to stay active. For example, in northeastern India, and games are quite popular amongst local people.

Better Visual Skills

Some studies have suggested that as compared to non-gamers, gamers are better at visual tasks and keeping track of objects. While playing video games, gamers have to keep track of several objects, filter out irrelevant information, switch between different tasks and detect changes in visual layouts and this in turn results in improved visual learning as compared to non-gamers. Gamers are able to understand visual objects better and are also better at filtering out irrelevant, useless information.

Faster Processing Speed

Gamers also have increased processing speed as compared to non-gamers because when they are playing games, they are presented a lot of information at the same time and sometimes, this information is constantly changing. The gamers are required to make quick and accurate decisions in those situations. In the start, the speed is generally sacrificed for accuracy and rapid decisions often lead to mistakes but as the gamers gain experience, they make quick and accurate decisions which can also be beneficial in real life.

Enhanced Memory

Gamers may have enhanced and better memory than non-gamers. A study done at the University of California has found that people who play 3D video games have better memory as compared to non-gamers. While playing games, gamers have to keep track of various things in a proper sequence and memorize different things in order to complete a level. If they mess up even a little bit then they won’t be able to complete that level. Gaming is not as easy as it seems to be and requires the proper use of memory and gamers need to keep different things memorized in order to excel at a game.

Improved Cognitive Skills

Certain studies have suggested that gamers have improved cognitive skills such as attention, vision, cognition, listening, and multitasking. This is due to the fact that when playing computer games a person has to focus and pay heed to different things such as the display, the sounds, and surroundings, and in doing some, the cognitive skills are automatically increased. 

The reaction and response time in daily life tasks are also improved and gamers are known to be better at multitasking as compared to non-gamers. 

To sum it up, playing computer games is beneficial for health, especially for the mind but getting indulged in something for a very long time and not leaving your room for hours is certainly not the right thing to do. Of course, you should also be physically active but mental health is also important and you need to keep your mind active and fit but don’t keep on playing computer games for a very long time.

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