7 Great Benefits of Content Marketing That Your Business Shouldn’t Miss

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Wondering why online marketers are looking at content marketing as the next big marketing tactic? Still unsure whether content marketing is the right choice for your business or not? If the answer to these questions is a yes, you are not the only one asking these questions.

While there is no doubt, businesses have started realizing the importance of content marketing for driving marketing deliverables, there is still a section of business owners and marketers who aren’t really very sure about content’s ability to promote a brand and its products and services.

This is why it’s important to take a look at the benefits of content marketing and how it will give your business a competitive edge. But before we do that, let’s see what content marketing is all about.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a tactic to market products/services by providing, relevant content with the primary objective of helping readers derives value from it in some form or other. Unlike traditional marketing which is interruptive and annoying at times, content marketing provides useful, actionable and engaging content to a target audience; this helps increase brand awareness, brand reputation and niche authority.

A content marketer can create free content in many formats like:

  • Blog posts

  • White papers and guides

  • Podcasts

  • Infographics

  • YouTube video

Blog posts are one of the most preferred content delivery vehicles used in the world of content marketing for distributing content to prospective clients. The idea is to come up with a blog post that shares valuable information with target readers and provides effective solutions to problems faced by them.

As you keep delivering such value added content, they will not only become more aware of your brand, but also start seeing it in a more positive light. Over time, this strategy of content creation and its delivery pays off when readers turn into leads, who then turn into your customers.


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Now, let us talk about how a winning content strategy can benefit your business:


1.Adds Value

As a content marketer, you can create content perfectly tailored to suit customers’ requirements. Unlike traditional marketing, wherein you literally bombard unwanted information to your customers through television, radio, print and online advertisements, content marketing does the opposite.

It ensures your target audience, comes across your content whenever they are looking for information regarding products/services you are offering. This content could be informational or advertorial in nature. It could be branded content or something that doesn’t try to advertise your brand even one little bit. All it will do is offer information that clears doubts, offers answers or delivers useful insights about a particular domain.

As this audience keeps reading content published in your brand’s name, it will improve brand repute in their eyes. So, the next time when they want to buy products/services you are selling, they instantly recollect your brand name and will make way to your online or physical store.


2.Positively influences purchase decision

If you use content formats like podcasts or YouTube videos to help potential users understand how your products work, you are essentially giving your target audience more reasons to buy your products. You are helping them make informed buying decisions.

The content educates customers and its authenticity convinces them to buy your product or service.


3.Creates long lasting relationships

Content marketing not only helps you acquire and retain customers but also forge meaningful relationships with them. By offering prospective customers valuable information that acts as a solution provider, you are setting the stage for building long lasting relationships with them. Your regular content updates over time do not go unnoticed, and your readers start seeing you as a trusted source of useful content that can solve their problems.

Your content authority reinforces your brand persona and wins their confidence; this clears the road for creating long lasting business relationships.


4.Provides SEO benefits

Google loves authentic, useful and relevant content; what’s more, it also wants you to keep updating content on your website. Fresh content can drive better rankings on SERPs. What’s more, you can earn high authority natural links by coming up with insightful content pieces and publishing them on reputed third party sites. This helps you build a natural and more powerful link juice that influences search rankings.

Post great content and see Google drive organic traffic to your website. Since the search engine giant likes blogs/websites that are updated regularly with valuable content, it will make them more visible to a broader segment of targeted audience.


5.Drives viral traffic to your website

If you regularly post valuable, useful content in your blog or third party sites and share its links with people who follow your brand’s social media accounts, you are increasing your website’s chances of attracting viral traffic. If the initial stream of visitors to your website have had a great user experience and these spread a good word-of-mouth about your business on social media, it will help catalyze even more viral traffic to your online business. The cascading effect will simply overwhelm you. Content marketing can really surprise you in terms of traffic deliverables.


6.Targets the right audience

Content encourages desired marketing outcomes by helping target the right audience. Unlike traditional marketing which miserably fails with its ads-for-everybody policy, content marketing is target –savvy.

Say for example you provide digital marketing services. In this particular case, you can publish white papers, case studies and research driven posts on your blog that illustrate the importance of digital marketing. What this also does is showcase your knowledge of the digital marketing niche, which in turn improves the trust and credibility of your services in the eyes of your audience.

You are creating content that centers on the needs of your audience and their expectations. This helps you target the right audience. People who are interested in knowing more about digital marketing will go through your content, while those uninterested will avoid it.


7.Builds a strong reputation through content authority

Blogs, whitepapers, YouTube videos and podcasts are some of the content formats you can use to reach out to your prospective customers. By consistently producing high value content, you will improve brand reputation; remember each and every piece of content represents your brand. As your audience begins appreciating your content, this appreciation will also rub off on your brand. What you are doing through content marketing is improving content authority; this, over time, will definitely help build a strong reputation for your business in your domain.


Every business, big or small, can easily tap into the power of content marketing to experience its benefits; if you are able to leverage its potential, you can cut marketing costs and push up returns on investment.

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Author: Michael Georgiou

Michael Georgiou is the CMO and Co-founder of Imaginovation, a full service, turn-key digital solutions company serving Raleigh, NC and Charlotte, NC. He's a dynamic business professional with proven success in creative strategy, online branding, project management and communication projects. Follow him on Twitter at @MGeorgiou22

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