6 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site More Powerful

WordPress is used by millions of entrepreneurs worldwide. This content management service (CMS) is considered by many as an excellent platform. Even Google loves it. Two of the reasons of WP’s popularity would be its easy integration with social media and a great number of theme options.

6 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site More Powerful

6 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site More Powerful

If you are using WordPress, you can make your website powerful without having to build everything from scratch. On this list, you will find outstanding WordPress plugins (in no particular order) that you may want to install to optimize your WordPress site.

1. Shareaholic

It is a fully integrated content marketing suite that makes it easier to boost engagement of your readers and enhance your social media traffic.

The Related Content app is useful in driving targeted traffic to your best content. The recommendations will make your visitor stay on your site for longer, thereby, increasing page views each visit.

2. LinkPatrol

It is built by Search Engine Journal experts. It aims to help you analyze, manage and repair those outgoing links ensuring that your readers will only click things that will enhance their reading experience. This will also help avoid getting penalized by Google.

3. WooCommerce

If you are selling products on your WordPress site, you can turn it into an eCommerce machine by the use of this plugin. It lets you sell anything because of its flexibility and extension store.

WooCommerce will help you manage payments, inventory management, tax, shipping options, and several others. With these functions, you can focus on the fun stuff of selling.

4. WPTouch

Is your website responsive? Google wants every site to be responsive to enhance user experience. If your site is not yet responsive, you can turn to this plugin to transform your site into a fully responsive design that will not break when it is viewed on smartphone or tablet.

5. Yoast

When it comes to SEO, Yoast is considered as the most popular in the WordPress SEO directory. It lets you configure settings that are relevant in optimizing your site for search engine. You can edit your SEO title, meta descriptions, etc.

It suggests keywords from Google’s auto-suggest. It also makes a thorough analysis of your content to fully optimize your site. It also automatically creates XML sitemaps.

Similar to Yoast is All-in-One SEO pack. It offers almost the same functionalities as Yoast. However, it is more useful for less advanced users who do not have the time to configure every detail about their site.

Yoast and All-in-One can do an excellent job in setting up your site to make it more SEO-friendly.

6. HelloBar and SumoMe

To grow your email list, HelloBar is one of the perfect options. It lets you setup a colored bar on top of your site for a certain call to action. It can be an email subscriber form, social sharing button, and the like.

To upgrade, you can subscribe to its paid subscription by paying $12 a month and ads will be removed. You will also enjoy having unlimited bars.

Another great option for opt-in plugin is SumoMe. It is almost the same as HelloBar. But its paid subscription is more expensive than HelloBar. The pro version for its list builder, for instance, is $20 a month.

But both of them can offer you great functionalities to collect emails.

Over to You

Which of these plugins are you using to optimize your WordPress? Do you want to add something to this list? Please let us know.

Author: Jane Danes

Jane has a lifelong passion for writing. As a blogger, she loves writing breaking technology news and top headlines about gadgets, content marketing and online entrepreneurship and all things about social media. She also has a slight addiction to pizza and coffee.

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  1. Jane,

    Thanks so much for mentioning us in your post about SEO plugins for WordPress!

    Just to clarify a couple of things.

    First, we are preferred by many pro-SEOs who believe that All in One SEO is a lighter weight plugin with only the features SEOs really need to effectively manage their on site SEO. We have the tools necessary to optimize SEO by with site wide settings and page or post settings.

    Second, All in One SEO has an XML Sitemap Generator and can verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools, Bing, and Pinterest. We think these three are the most important Webmaster Tools dashboards and that’s what we focus on.

    One key differentiator that is NOT apparent to the average user is that All in One SEO does NOT split its sitemap in three different sitemaps like our competitors plugin does. Google Webmaster Tools has explicitly stated that splitting your sitemap below 50,000 URLs makes it difficult for Google to ingest. While sitemaps are not a ranking signal, they are very important for Google to crawl your site correctly. Therefore, we strictly adhere to Google Webmaster Tools rules where our competitors may not.

    Third, All in One SEO features a Robots.txt editor, which helps with disallows and no index / no follows in order to customize what bots can fetch and what they are blocked from seeing.

    Fourth, All in One SEO now includes an exceptional social meta manager to manage your OpenGraph settings for social shares. This is an excellent tool to set the correct image, title, and description that gets shared into social media.

    While other plugins add features that run processes, these features can slow down your site. All in One SEO works diligently to ensure that your site is not affected by any process a plugin might need to run. One of the key elements of SEO is page speed optimization, so we want to make sure that we don’t give users tools that slow down their sites. Tools that they can simply use on the web anyway.

    We don’t consider All in One SEO Pack to be only for beginner users. All in One SEO Pack is used by both newbies to SEO and by Pro SEO experts who understand what they can do with the powerful features embedded within our plugin.

    Again, thanks for posting your comments on All in One SEO Pack. We hope your readers find your recommendations valuable.

    Tony Zeoli
    Community Manager
    All in One SEO Pack

  2. Thank you, Tony, for these details. Pretty sure, our readers will find them valuable and help them in choosing what SEO plugin to use.

  3. I have used Yoast since the beginning and also sumome. After several months of trying I don’t have the traffic that I had when my site was on blogger. Thanks for the info about the other tools. I will be looking into them.

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