6 Ways How SMS Automation Can Scale Your Business

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6 Ways How SMS Automation Can Scale Your Business

Equipping your business with advanced technological tools helps improve customer service, boost productivity, and decrease errors. Gone are the days of manual computation where you had to select the target group within your database, upload their contact details and send out messages hoping they would be delivered correctly to the right person.

In today’s world, it is more practical to send a personalized message to your audience based on their prior actions with your brand. SMS automation enables you to send these kinds of hyper-personalized messages.

What is SMS automation?

It helps you schedule pre-written messages and send them to your recipients automatedly. This attribute remarkably reduces repetitive tasks and saves time which in turn increases efficiency and overall business productivity. Sending helps boost customer satisfaction, customer retention, conversion rate, and lower operational costs.

Why is automation the key?

Automation controls your operational needs; it is a technical software that can help a business in many ways.

  • Automation eliminates error

Humans tend to make more errors than machines. For example, if there is a complex math equation, the human mind can take minutes to solve the addition or multiplication and sometimes still give you a wrong answer. Whereas a calculator can give you an accurate result in seconds, saving you time and effort. This increases reliability.

  • It constructs an identical process for all kinds of engagement

To match the quality of your service to your client’s expectations, it is beneficial to create a system through automation so that all your internal or external engagements are consistent.

  • It is scalable and highly adaptable

When a new employee joins a company, it can be exhausting to teach them everything from the beginning. In this case, automation can help. Once the system is set up, you can train any person at any level to handle it and yet have the same quality output.

6 ways how businesses use automation

SMS automation is simple to set up, quick, and cost-effective, and the results can be quickly analyzed. Here are 6 ways how businesses use automation today-

To run sales and deals

Promotional messages are an important sales tool for any organization. If there is a new product launch or any sales are coming up, brands try to convert customers to buyers through these promotional messages.

To send reminders

The no-show rate for an event is 38% lower in clients who receive SMS reminders in comparison to the ones who did not. This also applies to other activities like paying insurance premiums, filing tax returns, and paying other bills. Automated SMS reminders help you send messages for upcoming appointments and even for release dates of movies or shows. For example, a payment reminder can jog your memory of the outstanding amount you need to pay before your due date to avoid a penalty.

To run contests

Many times, we receive a text about an upcoming contest that a brand is running. Through this creative technique, they try to keep their customers interested in their business. When you shop from a brand, they save your contact details and then use SMS automation to send you details about upcoming contests or offers.

To collect feedback

Every business wants to know whether its customers like its products or service. To understand this, brands need to collect feedback from their clients at the right time. SMS automation schedules and automates surveys to be sent out immediately after a customer purchases a product. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the market which is why customers prefer looking at reviews and ratings of a brand before buying from them. A bad rating or worse, a business with no rating does not hold much credibility in the eyes of the customers. Therefore, sending reminder messages to clients and asking them to rate your product or service is a great idea to uplift your brand’s image.

To improve services

Automation helps you to improve your services and provide a profitable ROI. It assists your business with small things that can help to outshine others. Greeting your customers and sending them a welcome message starts the beginning of a long-term relationship. Sending anniversary or birthday greetings with a special discount code for customers makes them feel valued and shows that you care.

To keep the users informed

Customers like updates at every step. For example, if a client has ordered something online, they want details as to when the product will be dispatched, where it has currently been reached, and when it will get delivered.

Some brands even send a thank you message confirming the delivery. In the travel industry, informing your customers about delays, cancelations or any changes in timing is necessary so that they can make alternative plans. Airlines sending a message if there is a delay in your flight or brands updating you about the arrival of your products are all possible through SMS automation.

SMS automation is required at every stage

From introducing a brand and sending its promotional offers to asking for feedback after a sale, SMS automation is essential for a business at every stage. It is through this software that customers never forget about your business.

To effectively use this, you should know about your business needs so that you can choose the best tool available. It can help with e-commerce, chat booking, types of online forms, etc., and also in more complex industries such as healthcare, where keeping electronic medical records can be easier with automation.

By now, you must very well understand the importance of SMS automation and how it provides numerous benefits for your company. With today’s advanced technology, you can automate many things in your business, like welcome messages, updates, notifications, offers, newsletters, referral requests, re-engagement campaigns, contextual offers, etc., which all, in turn, help to boost your business efficiency.

SMS automation helps you instantly connect with your clients. The Vonage business communication’s SMS automation is a reliable and easy-to-use communication channel. It helps to automate your message depending on what your business needs.

Their application for IOS and Android devices provides your business with the three C’s; compliance, convenience, and consistency. If you are looking to reach out to customers in their preferred communication channel, check out Vonage’s website to learn more details about their business text messaging software.

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