6 Tips on How to Boost Your Marketing Workflow

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6 Tips on How to Boost Your Marketing Workflow

Maximizing your ability to market efficiently is a multifaceted process, and the best way to get started is to look at the way you organize your workflow and see if there is room for improvement.

With the help of these handy tips, you should be able to spot any shortcomings and streamline the way you wrangle your marketing responsibilities on a daily basis.

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Save time and effort with scheduling tools

Rather than having to manually publish posts and send out promotional messages, it is far better to take advantage of tools which have been designed to automate this.

For example, with the assistance of , you can pinpoint the perfect time to launch your latest campaign onto your various platforms and profiles, rather than having to remember to do this yourself.

This is also advantageous because it means that rather than having to spend hours of your time making sure that every social account you have control over is going to be publishing identical content simultaneously, the software can take care of all the heavy lifting.

Set targets & share goals with team members

Another aspect of efficient marketing that is often overlooked is that of proper prioritization of tasks. And the only way to do this is to know what you want to achieve in a given day.

Setting smaller daily targets that will help you to build towards whatever longer term aims you might have will make the latter feel more manageable, rather than being overwhelming and seemingly unattainable when you start down the path towards them.

Then there is the benefit that comes from sharing your goals with other members of your team. This will not only help you to work better together, and avoid any of your efforts overlapping, but will also mean that by putting them out there in the public sphere, you will be more motivated to strive to achieve your aims.

Building accountability through the circulation of marketing targets in a public forum will enhance your focus and make it simpler to decide which duties should be given priority as a result. Brief team get-togethers lasting no more than 15 minutes at the start of the day can facilitate this.

Avoid meeting overload

Speaking of short and sweet powwows with the rest of the team, it definitely pays to take this concise approach to any other meetings that you have scheduled as part of your daily routine.

Being as efficient as possible when in a meeting scenario is obviously a good idea, but to get to this point you also have to be logical and strategic when planning the meeting in the first place.

Strip out any unnecessary attendees and set a strict timetable which you plan to stick to no matter what. This should prevent meetings running on too long, and also stop superfluous subjects coming up.

Likewise if you are invited to participate in a meeting which is not relevant to you, then stepping back rather than attending out of politeness is better for your productivity.

Corral communications access to avoid procrastination

From checking your emails to scrolling through Twitter, there are so many ways to get distracted while at your desk.

It is better to set aside a specific section of your day for dealing with responsibilities involving these communications tools, so that any procrastination is kept to a minimum.

Use performance insights to make changes

Scrutinizing your own performance and diagnosing any problems and shortcomings that you have based on cold, hard data will let you make informed changes to your workflow that deliver tangible improvements.

Ask for help

If you are still scratching your head about how to better manage your marketing workflow, speak to other team members and use their advice and experience to tune your own efforts.

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