The 6 Steps To Blogging Success

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The coming of a new year is the best time to try something different, such as starting your own blog. If this is exactly what you have in mind, you have to make sure you are committed to the process. Setting up your own website is relatively easy, but taking it to the next level and actually making money out of it is challenging. 

It doesn’t take a lot for a blogger to fail, especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. To help you, we have listed the six steps for achieving blogging success below.


1. Interact with other bloggers.

In blogging, having a good network of fellow bloggers is crucial. Therefore, try to reach out to others in your niche and build strong relationships with them. This will help you gain more traffic as the people you befriend online will link back to your site.


2. Show your talent while writing.

By producing quality content, readers are more likely to visit your blog regularly as they check for updates or new posts. To achieve this, you must establish a voice in your writing as this plays a vital role in making your site more appealing. You can improve your skills by checking blogs in your niche.


3. Consider covering controversial topics.

It’s a good idea to deviate from typical subjects every once in a while.  When you have content that’s more than just fluff or write about your own experiences, you get to start a conversation with your readers. In this way, you will be encouraging them to visit your blog again and again.


4. Spend time proofreading your posts.

Misspelled or misplaced words are very unappealing and discourage people from coming back to your website. That’s why it’s considered a golden rule for bloggers to check their posts for any spelling or grammar mistakes before they submit anything. If you don’t have any editing background, you can always make use of many tools online.


5. Make your design unique.

The design of your blog must be unique and attractive to make a good and lasting impression. Take note not to base your decisions on your preferences alone. You should also judge your blog from your readers’ point of view.


6. Leave good blog comments.

Commenting in other blogs is one of the most effective ways to build relationships and gain traffic. However, blog owners are tired and irritated of seeing overused comments like “Great post”, “Thanks for sharing”, etc. This is why, before commenting on anything, read the whole article first. A comment should be a personal message addressing the author.

Blogging and recording - all at once

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Last Few Words of Advice…

On the path to blogging success, it’s natural to encounter a couple of bumps and potholes. Even when you’re going through rough times, you must always stay strong and never give up.



Guest author Jensen has been working as an SEO manager at SEO RANK SMART for several years now and has gained a lot of know-how that he would like to share to others.

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