6 Lead Generation Tactics You Must Try

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6 Lead Generation Tactics You Must Try

6 Lead Generation Tactics You Must Try

Marketers spend a significant amount of their time and resources in order to create content. But their end goal really is to generate new leads that will transform them into paying customers. With a steady stream of leads, your business will keep afloat. But lead generation is easier said than done.

On this post, let’s look at some lead generation tactics that you can apply to your own campaign.

Never mention spam

There are tons of websites out there that include the phrase “we’ll never spam you” in their sign up form. Unfortunately, this trick only reduces conversions. Reassuring your potential clients for their privacy is essential but you should do it in a fun way. By fun, it means not to include the word “spam.”

Now, if you’re in doubt that it will ruin your lead generation campaign, try running an A/B test. This will make sure that your signup form is optimized for better conversion.

Provide a product video

The majority of your visitors are visual learners. That said, you should try to create a video that explains how your product works. Videos that explain a product being sold can significantly improve leads. And if you do it correctly, your videos will be shared several times. Your visitors will be more engaged and be inspirited to finally take action.

Your product videos don’t have to be minutes long. A one-minute video is more than enough to catch your visitors’ attention.

Offer fewer choices

If you do it this way, there’ll be less confusion. And with less confusion, it means better leads. It’s one of the reasons experts do recommend having a single CTA. By decreasing the options of your signup page, you’ll soon see a jump in your conversion rate.

Create downloadable posts

If you’re receiving thousands of visitors but you’re not generating leads, it’s probably time for you to create an excellent downloadable post in exchange for your visitors’ emails. Give your visitors an option to download the post but they have to give out their email address. This lead generation trick has been proven to work. You can try it, too.

Test your CTA

One of the best ways to test it out is the squint test. While squinting, look at your website. How does your CTA look? Does it stand out? If it doesn’t, you should replace it with a CTA that can catch your visitors’ attention. This will immediately increase your leads.


Blogging is an old lead generation tactic. Unfortunately, not all companies are doing it. Some companies do have a blog in their own websites, but they’re not consistent in providing content to their visitors. When they don’t see results, they give up after a few weeks or months. You can try blogging every day or twice a week. As long as you blog consistently, your organic traffic will be doubled.

Lead generation can be complicated. Follow some of these tips and you’ll see a significant difference within a few weeks. But you must add relevant CTAs to your website to improve your leads.

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