6 Effective Ways to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

Any word can be a hashtag. However, if you know how to use hashtags for social media marketing properly, it can cause growth and further exposure.

6 Effective Ways to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

6 Effective Ways to Use Hashtags for Social Media Marketing

Hashtags are words that can be used as a search function. They connect the searcher to the content that they’re looking up. On Twitter and Instagram, emojis can be used as a searchable hashtag.

But why should you use them?

As mentioned earlier, hashtags are searchable. With them, people who are looking to find your posts or content can locate them easily through hashtags. But you must only use them strategically. If  you use hashtags for social media marketing on Twitter, you should add one or two to get more engagement. Using more than two can drop engagement by up to 17 percent.

How to properly use hashtags?

1. Conduct a research

Don’t just use a hashtag that’s popular. Make sure that the hashtag you’ll be using will create conversations. By researching the right word, look for hashtags that generated better engagement.

2. Create your own

It’s also ideal to create your own hashtag, especially if you’re promoting an event or campaigning of something. The hashtag can be your brand name. When you do create your own hashtag, make sure that it’s combined with other general, popular hashtags.

3. Keep it short and easy to remember

If you’re creating your own hashtag, make sure that it’s short, sweet and easy to remember or type. Else, it will be lost in the stream.

4. Use hashtags within the post

This will help you save space. It will also clean up the captions. When you create a comment on a certain post, you extra hashtag.

5. Avoid using too many hashtags

Overuse of hashtags can kill your messages. The reason for this is that readers ignore captions with too many hashtags. Per post, you should only have one to three hashtags. For Instagram, up to 11 hashtags are okay. On Twitter, however, you should limit it to two.

6. Don’t make too long hashtags

As mentioned earlier, you should only create hashtags that are easy to read. If you make them too long, they can be hard to remember by your readers. On Twitter, they can take too many characters.

In addition that, it’s also a no-no to hashtag every word you use in your message. It may increase the visibility of your post or message. However, it will affect how readers look at your post. The majority of them will not even bother looking or clicking on it.

And never use symbols within your hashtags as they will never work. Instead, break it into two or more hashtags. You may only use numbers and letters.

When you use hashtags for social media marketing properly, you can improve engagement in your social media accounts. Then again, make sure that you do your homework. If you include hashtags, make sure that you choose a word that’s relevant to your brand or campaign. They must help you reach out to your targeted customers.

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