6 easy tips for creating your home theater

6 easy tips for creating your home theater

6 easy tips for creating your home theater

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Home theatres are no more for only extra rich people or an extravagance item. The experience of cinema is highly evolving in recent days. More and more have started to prefer to own a theatre setup at home rather than going out to the movie theatres. It has become a hub for families to sit together and enjoy movies in the comfort of their homes.

All thanks to the affordable technology and easy setup procedure of the home theatres. If you are also planning to set up a home theatre and are looking out for easy ways of setup, this article is for you. Here are some easy tips that will assist you in creating your own home theatre.

1) Dedicate a special room/place

To fully enjoy your home theatre, you have to choose its location very precisely. The home cinema should be at a place that is quite remote from the rest of the house. It needs to be in an isolated place so that the rest of the residence does not get affected. Choose such a place that is big enough to accommodate all the needs of the home theatre.

It includes the area needed for its setup, projector, sitting area, furniture, speakers, etc. When you are planning to dedicate a place at your house to the home theatre, make sure that the place is not very noisy. Otherwise, the external noise can hinder your experience of enjoying movies, shows, etc. in your theatre. Also, keep in mind that the place should receive minimum light as it will save the cost of controlling the ambient light.

2) Framing and insulating

When you choose a place for your home theatre, then you have to work on its interiors. You have to pay special attention to the insulation of the home theatre room. You have to carefully insulate the floor, ceiling, and outside walls.

But do not forget about the insulation of the interior walls as well. Slackly packed R11 will help in preventing the sound of the theatre in exploding to the rest of your house. To completely stop the sound from going out of the room, you have to install sound barriers additionally.

3) Preventing the ambient light

When you are setting a theatre at home, basically you are trying to experience the feel of the movie theatre, at your place. Any light from the outer source will be a hindrance to your wholesome experience. It is best if you are planning to install the cinema set in the basement.

Because the basement has no or very little light, and you will get a complete movie theatre-like enjoyment. The other thing that you can do to control or minimize the ambient light is installing light-blocking curtains in the cinema room. If you are using a projector, then choose an extremely luminous bulb to cut out the effects of external light in the room.

6 easy tips for creating your home theater

Source – Pixabay

4) Block external sounds

To make the best out of your home cinema set, you have to take care of the unnecessary noises also. If you do not control or block the sounds of the outer surrounding, you will not be able to enjoy your theatre time. To block the unnecessary sound, you can follow these simple points.

  • Replace the damaged doors and windows of the room with soundproof material.
  • Secure the walls of the room with a layer of drywall.
  • You can also invest in noise-reducing wallboards.
  • Opt for curtains that block external light and noise as well.

5) Choosing the right kind of sound system

After you cut out the external lights and sounds, focus on what you have to install inside the room. Once the room is ready to turn into a home theatre, it is the time to choose the right kind of video and audio equipment for your personal cinema room.

The right kind of audio system for your room will be in adherence to the dimensions of the room. If you set up the theatre in a small room, a simple speaker will do the job with correct positioning and adjustment. For a large room, you have to opt for a high-end speaker.

Keep the following points in mind when you go for getting a speaker for your home theatre needs:

  • Select a speaker with a high-frequency range as the higher the range, the better is the efficiency.
  • Check the sensitivity feature of the speaker as well. Any sound system that has a sensitivity level of more than 90 decibels will do a good job.

6) Selecting the video equipment

After choosing the perfect audio system equipment, it is time to precisely choose the right video equipment. You can either equip the room with a projector or a smart TV. Choose according to your budget, and area, and setup of your room. If you want to stick to the budget, a high definition smart TV will do perfectly fine.

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