6 Benefits of Bing Ads and Why You Must Advertise with Bing 

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Google may be the king of search engines. However, as a small business owner, you should diversify your campaign by adding Bing ads. 

Buying ads isn’t fun. After all, you’re spending money on them to funnel your potential customers. 

There are plenty of digital marketing platforms you can use to get the best ROI. 

Two of the best platforms are Google Ads and Bing Ads. Both of them are PPC platforms. They are designed to help small businesses in driving traffic to their websites and increasing their revenue. 

Many marketers would opt for Google Ads. After all, Google is the king of search engines. 

However, Bing isn’t too far behind Google when it comes to users. This search engine holds 36% of the search market in the US. It also generates 3.5 billion searches each day. 

Furthermore, it’s owned by Microsoft, which also owns Yahoo and AOL. In that case, if you choose to advertise on Bing, your ad will also appear on those three sites and other partner sites. 

In addition to that, Bing ads have higher CTRs because of their shopping and financial resources. Plus, clicks here are cheaper. Thus, you get more money for your bucks. 

Because you have low competition on Bing, you can get the traffic that you need without spending more. It leads to better ROI. 

But these aren’t the only benefits of advertising with Bing. 

1) It’s Integrated with Other Microsoft Products 

Bing is owned by Microsoft that also owns several hardware and software products. 

For instance, the company owns Edge, which is pre-installed on every PC. And a healthy share of users is opting for Microsoft Edge and use Bing as their default search engine. 

Bing has several other search engine partners. If you’re not using Google when you browse the web, you may be using a search engine that’s powered by Bing. 

The company has teamed up with smaller search engines to improve its results and ads. In addition to Yahoo and AOL, Bing also partners with MSN, DuckDuckGo, Lycos, search.com, and classifiedads.com among others. 

As the advertiser, you can have the option to exclude those partners from your search campaigns. 

2) It Offers Better Flexibility

Bing wants its advertisers to have the flexibility that they need. They can tailor their ad campaigns so they can specifically target a certain demographic. With this control, marketers can easily segment their audience. 

This platform will help you make an ad that’s effective in reaching your target audience without the need to spend more. 

You can target your ads to show on Bing and Yahoo only. Or you can choose to have them displayed on Bing’s search partners. You can also target a product that is frequently purchased by a certain group. 

Then, on the Reports tab, you will find the partners that drive traffic to your site. If you don’t like your ads showing in one of its search partners, you can opt-out through the website exclusion option. 

3) It has more international audiences. 

The US still tops the most searchers on this search engine. However, when Windows 10 was introduced, the searches powered by Bing are increasing. 

For instance, in the UK, a quarter of desktop searches are from Bing. In Canada, Bing gets 22% desktop searches. 

That said, if you’re targeting not just the US, but also UK and Canada, as well as France and Germany, you should not hesitate to try out Bing ads to further reach your audience. 

4) You Will Have Better Control Over Your Ads

Adwords won’t let you show your ads in certain time zones. But if you use Bing ads, you can assign your ad campaigns to a different time zone. 

It makes it easier to manage your ad in Bing. Adwords allows you to set your language, location, and ad rotation. However, Bing can give you more options within the ad group level as you can adjust a setting quickly for a specific ad group. 

Furthermore, you can use its intelligent tools so you can better understand your keywords and search ads. 

5) You Can Target Your Ads Based on Devices 

Google Adwords offers enhanced camping tools. In that case, all searches default to tablet, mobile, and desktop devices. Bing, on the other hand, will allow you to exclude desktop and tablet from searches. 

Bing gets 33% of search clicks from mobile last year. In that case, if you only focus on mobile devices, you can get better-targeted results. 

6) Bing Attracts Slightly Mature Adults 

Google has a mass-market appeal. Thus, if you’re targeting different demographics, then it can be difficult with Google Ads. But with Bing, you can target white-collar professionals. 

Bing has a slightly more mature audience. Most of its users are 45 years old. They are also more educated with the majority of them have a bachelor’s degree. 

Furthermore, most of them have a household income of more than $110k. Plus, the average searcher on Bing spends shopping online. 

And if you are targeting people who are married and with kids at home, then Bing Ads can be of great use. The reason for this is that most of its users are likely to be married. 

Furthermore, most of its audience is in popular industries, like business and finance. You can also target people who are interested in automotive, real taste, and travel. 

And since the average user of Bing is a little older, your healthcare ads will get better results with Bing ads. Bing attracts 47% of paid search click in the healthcare industry. 


Bing ads service isn’t a mediocre platform. It’s also not an underdog when it comes to the ad platform. Sure, most marketers are focusing on Google Adwords. What they don’t realize is that they can better their ROI if they also include Bing Ads in their campaigns. 

To improve your campaign though, you should not just focus on one platform. Bing ads can give you better ROI if you pair it with Google Adwords and other digital platforms.

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Author: Jane Danes

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