5 ways to make better Instagram Live Videos to connect with your audience

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If you still have not joined the impressive league of people using Instagram Live to connect with your audience, then you are missing out big time. It is already 2020, and millions of influencers and social media marketers and commentators are already making the most of the feature, and there seems to be no going back for them. You may be three years late, but did you know that you can actually catch up with some of the best when it comes to live videos on Instagram? Let’s get you started—this is going to be pretty straightforward.

So, what is Instagram Live Video? It is a feature integrated with Stories—a very successful feature copied from Snapchat. The feature was first launched in November 2016 as a test before becoming available to a wider audience in 2017.

What can you do with Live videos? With the feature, you can broadcast videos to your followers and friends in real-time. That said, live videos can only be watched while you are still streaming to your audience. Though, no replays will be allowed, you will still be able to browse an algorithmically curated Explore page of a selection of the best Instagram videos happening at the moment.

Now, let’s get down to the real reason why you are here—making better Instagram Live Videos to connect with your audience.

Why do you want to go live? You really do not want to embark on a journey to no avail. You are not just going to stand in front of the camera just for the fun of it—there has to be a purpose. Identify the reason why you want to go live as this would help you keep your audience asking for more. Since it is a live broadcast, you want to avoid those mistakes that would make you look like an amateur. Do have at the back of your mind the importance of selling your brand.

Put out words before going live: It is important to spread the words about your upcoming live video before hitting going live. Call it sales promotion or whatever—be aggressive in marketing your upcoming Instagram Live video on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram. Instagram Live is like an event, and you want to get as many people as possible on board. Since Instagram Live videos cannot be saved same way we have with the Facebook version, sensitizing the audience ahead of time is a brilliant idea.

Ensure your tools/equipment are in perfect shape: Of course, you do not need too many tools when going live on Instagram. That said, the few tools you need including your video and audio should be in the best of shapes. Remember, this is your first time, and a poor audio quality could keep the audience away next time.

Have a question and answer Q&A session: A Q&A session offers you an avenue to get feedback from your audience. You want to take time to provide answers to some questions your audience may have waiting for you. It gives you the best opportunity to feel the pulse as well as find out what people think or have to say about your brand. This session also gives you an idea on what to present as a topic to your audience in your next Instagram Live video.

Be composed: Going live does not give you the second chance—once a mistake is made, you may never be able to correct it since it is a live broadcast. So, spend a lot of time before going live to rehearse and possibly do that with someone with a bit of experience.

Feel free to share your experience going live on Instagram Live video with us.

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