5 Ways Technology Is Making Workplaces Safer

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5 Ways Technology Is Making Workplaces Safer

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Creating safety in the workplace means something different depending on where you work and what kind of job you do. When you work in construction and you’re building skyscrapers, you like to think that nothing will drop on your head and that you won’t fall. Working in office buildings means that you want to feel safe knowing that everyone in the building is supposed to be there, and people can’t just get in when they want. And you want to believe that the equipment you’re using won’t cause any long-term damage or require you to have surgery later. The beauty of technology is that it can help with all of that. From surveillance to robotics to VR training sessions, here are just a handful of the ways that technology is making workplaces safer.

Teleoperated Robotics in Industrial Environments

Imagine a future where people no longer need to put themselves into dangerous circumstances just to go to work. What would that look like? Well, one example of this is the use of in industrial environments. You get the skill and brain power of humans combined with the dexterity and precision of a robot. These can be used in situations that are considered dangerous to humans but where the guidance of a human mind is essential.

These robots are perfect for situations where a person would need to lift something over their heads, for welding environments that are dangerous or a tight squeeze, and can reduce injury due to fatigue in hot situations. The people can stay firmly planted on the ground and operate the robot remotely.

Robotics To Ease Physical Strain in Nursing Homes

Nurses are known to experience significant damage to their joints and body. Constantly being on their feet, bending, squatting, and lifting patients can cause tremendous damage. These medical professionals, especially in nursing homes where staffing can be an issue, experience a very dangerous job each day. As technology continues to advance, robotics is being used to reduce much of the daily strain they experience from some common tasks.

Transferring patients into wheelchairs, bringing them into showers, and helping them get out of bed all have the potential to cause tremendous damage to caregivers. But new technology using robotics is making these daily tasks easier and less damaging to the staff who need them the most.

Surveillance Camera Systems To Discourage Crime

Camera systems in parking lots and down streets may feel like you are living in a dystopian world, but the truth is that criminals are less likely to commit crimes when they know they are being watched. These make places like parking lots safer, especially for people who get out of work after dark. Parking garages that are well-lit and have cameras are much safer than those with neither. While it can’t prevent 100% of crimes, surveillance cameras act as a deterrent for criminals.

Facial Recognition Access Points

Working in an office building seems harmless enough, but in the past, anyone with a badge could walk in the front door, and as long as you looked like the picture, it didn’t matter if the badge was fake or not. Using facial recognition helps to improve the security of office buildings. You now only need to show your face and the system will confirm if it’s you or not. The truth is that facial recognition is a powerful tool to help keep unwanted people out of the building. This makes it safer and people are less likely to experience breaches that can cause security issues, theft issues, and bodily harm issues.

Greater Emphasis on Ergonomics

Office dynamics are interesting. On the one hand, businesses want to make as much money as possible, often to the detriment of the people who work there, but on the other hand, they want people to stay healthy and happy so that they will continue working for them. This can provide them with a choice. Working in an office can lead to repetitive motion injuries, lower back injuries, and even neck problems.

New technology allows workplaces to develop workspaces that are perfectly suited for each person and can prevent many of those injuries. The field of ergonomics helps businesses create ideal working conditions for each staff member that can keep them safe as they do the work. 

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