5 Unconventional PR Tips to Help You Stand Out

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The purpose of sending out press releases and conducting press and media relations is to get the word out about your brand or your company news. However, making sure that your press stands out is a vital part of this process. Sending out and publishing the news and releases is just the beginning. Using unconventional methods to spread the word and make connections sometimes just means resorting to old tactics that are no longer routinely used in our digital world. You will be quite amazed at how being personal in an impersonal, digital world can help advance your PR cause.

Here are 5 unconventional ways to make your PR stand out.

How To Create The Perfect SEO Press Release

  1. Connect with local media, newspaper, and publications. Too often, we publish our press release on the internet trying to gain the attention of the entire World Wide Web, and we forget about the power of the local media. Call, email, or connect with local news media to see if they are interested in publishing a local business piece. The same goes for local print newspaper and other publications; they are in need of connections too and will most likely be very interested in posting media about local businesses to gain traction themselves. Be ready to passionately explain to them why this media news is different and deserves to be highlighted on their platform.
  2. Get people talking about it. Rather than just posting your release and hoping for the best, there are things you can do to harness the power of people. If you and everyone in your company talks to 2 people per day about the information you are trying to get out, that personal touch can be more valuable than anything. It does not even have to be industry connected individuals you talk to. Converse with locals, customers, and other professionals that would have an interest in the news you are publishing. Some of the greatest business people became successful because they would call a few business connections every day just to keep in touch, see what they are working on, and share your news with. You will be surprised, and likely shocked at the value of this simple word of mouth press method. The personalized delivery and conversational power goes beyond print and impersonal digital media. Besides, when the people who are passionate about your company and its news talk about it,that will shine through on a very personal level.
  3. Social media connections. Social media is meant to be social. Make sure to share your press release and news on a social level. Sure, you can link to the professional press release, but when you and your employees share the news on personal channels with a personal message about why this is important to you or your business, it will gain much more attention than an impersonal sharing of the same professional copy associated with a media release. As with any social media interactions, be social, not pushy or too sales-like.
  4. Follow up with regular PR leads. When you launch your PR on the news wires and appropriate channels, you always receive statistics and analytics about who read the release. Make an attempt to personally follow up with those leads so that you can tell them why it is so important to you and explain why they should publish it. Be aggressive, but not too pushy or sales-like.
  5. Be innovative and a thought leader. One of the most important things for any press release is to ensure that the voice that comes through shows that you and your business are innovative thought leaders. What is special about this news? Why is it different? This should be answered in the writing of your release, but should also be included in your talking points when you connect with media on a personal level to try to promote your press release.

Conclusion and Takeaways for Your Business

Almost every business these days sends out press releases. These 5 tips show you how to attract the attention of the media by making your release personal. Unfortunately, many of us have lost that personal touch through digital media. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone or send out a personalized communication about your company’s news. Just be sure that you have your talking points down and can explain why this is important, why it is different, and how the person you are speaking to can benefit from sharing your news.

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Author: Elizabeth Victor

Elizabeth Victor is blogger and Brand Advisor for iSentia. She enjoys writing about social media analysis and monitoring, as well as PR monitoring.

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