5 top cloud platforms review to help you find the best one for your business

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5 top cloud platforms review to help you find the best one for your business

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Every entrepreneur is constantly looking for that perfect efficiency and cost balance. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? And it doesn’t matter if you’re launching the first startup ever or run a business that is as powerful and influential as Apple or Microsoft, you’re still going to look for the ways to minimize costs. And cloud services may be very helpful. 

The cloud platforms’ market niche is quite competitive. There are several well-known brands that battle for the customer. E.g., , Google vs IBM, etc. That’s actually a benefit for entrepreneurs that may choose from a variety of quality providers.

What is cloud computing? 

Before we’ll dive into all the specifics of the most popular cloud platforms, let’s puzzle out what cloud computing actually is. Keeping it plain, it’s a way of providing the necessary computing services via the Internet. It may include storage and networking services, servers and databases, analytics, and any other service your business may require. Basically “the cloud” = the Internet.  

Why do you need it?

It’s true that nowadays innovative tech solutions appear on the market almost every day. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with such speed and make a balanced decision of whether to experiment with your business model or not. But using the cloud platform isn’t something you should neglect. Over the years it proved to be beneficial for the business. 

  •  Cuts expenses 
  •  Scales easily
  •  The fail-safe environment with better performance rates
  •  Top-level security 

Cloud platforms can really make your life easier. But how to choose the right one? Let’s compare five of the most popular solutions on the market!

Top 5 most popular platforms pros and cons

1) AWS

Amazon Web Service was a pioneer of cloud computing. It still is the most popular cloud platform even though Google and Microsoft are on the market as well. It obtains all of the benefits of the market leader:

  •  Global availability
  •  A large number of compliances 
  •  Ample opportunities for customization 
  •  The highest level of cloud security
  •  Free trial

AWS also offers the customer an astonishing amount of services and tools which is definitely an advantage for any type of business. But at the same time, some entrepreneurs find it hard to navigate the vast number of features and eventually they switch to another vendor that is easier to manage. 

Besides, even though in recent years AWS has become more affordable, it still stays on the pricier side, and that’s an important aspect (especially for the small business owners). 

2) Azure

A cloud platform by Microsoft manages to successfully compete with Amazon even though it appeared on the market four years after AWS. The main perks of Azure include

  •  Built-in auto scale feature
  •  Linux and Windows compatibility
  •  More than 20 always free services
  •  Microsoft’s products and services are available via the cloud
  •  The top-notch  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning services
  •  Numerous certifications and compliances including Azure for government

However, Azure has developed a reputation as not the most reliable provider due to the series of major outages over the recent years. 

3) Google

Just like Azure offers the customer a wide range of Microsoft solutions, the Google Cloud platform awards you with access to Google web services. Even though Google is not as popular as the market giants (AWS and Azure) it still has some major advantages

  •  Available in more than 200 countries
  •  A great number of IaaS and PaaS solutions
  •  Affordable and flexible pricing 
  •  User-friendly and easy to manage

It’s true that when it comes to the cloud computing market Google is “doomed” to be #3 after Azure and AWS. At least for now, Google Cloud doesn’t have the know-how that will let it take a quantum leap in this industry. However, with the famous G Suite, a super useful Google Meet that became a lifesaver for remote teams, and Anthos (a hybrid cloud solution) Google Cloud is a platform that may perfectly suit your business needs.   

4) IBM

IBM cloud platform is rightly seen as one of the best enterprise solutions. As a product from one of the most well-known IT market players, IBM cloud has earned a reputation of highly reliable platform with several fortes. 

  •  Top SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS solutions
  •  One of the industry leaders when it comes to Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things
  •   “Bare metal” servers
  •  Fully customizable 
  •  Reasonably priced 

But at the same time, just like AWS, IBM Cloud may be a little bit overwhelming and not so flexible when it comes to pricing. The setup process also may be somewhat complex because of the variety of options and settings. It may not be crucial for enterprises and mid-size companies but quite important for small businesses. 

5) Oracle

2 things you need to know about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure:

1) The company has partnered with Zoom and TikTok. This tells a lot about this platform’s credibility, security, and versatility. 

2) Oracle offers SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and even DaaS solutions. 

It is a modern fail-safe platform. However, it is more enterprise-oriented and may seem too complex for smaller businesses. Oracle is about high-end, so there are some limitations that predictably go with it for the low-end.

Of course, the cloud platform market is not limited to these five vendors. There are other players out there. But if you’re looking for a trustworthy provider with an unsullied reputation and extensive experience, the perfect cloud platform for your business is probably already mentioned in this list. Just remember that the decision is always yours to make. Don’t be afraid to try out different platforms and experiment with the offered services. At the end of the day, no one knows your business better than yourself, and your convenience plays a major role in future success.

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