5 Proven Ways To Get ReTweets [Infographic]

There is nothing sweeter in the eyes of a digital marketer who is using Twitter than to see that their tweets have a lot of retweets.

So how does a marketer increase retweets?

Social media scientist Dan Zarella shares five scientifically proven ways to get more retweets.

He says that through the years, he has done a “tone of research on retweets” and so has decided to share five specific points that are the most powerful ways to get more retweets.

The first way is to include links in your tweets. Tweets that have links get more retweets than tweets that have none.

Another way to get retweets is to ask for retweets. Furthermore, the way you ask for retweets affect how much people will retweet your Twitter post.

According t Zarella, saying “Please retweet” is the most effective way to ask for a retweet (51 percent RT rate). Lesser people retweet when they read “Please RT” (39 percent RT rate). Not including this request got just 12 percent RT rate.

For tips 3 to 5 to get more retweets, read the infographic below.

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Author: Solon Harmony Dolor

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