5 Marketing Tips That Will Make a Difference to Your Small Business

In order to survive in a tough competition, small business owners should learn how to market their business to keep their cash registers full. Marketing to obtain maximum sales at minimal cost is necessary to get your small business off the ground and make it profitable in the shortest time.

5 Marketing Tips That Will Make a Difference to Your Small Business

5 Marketing Tips That Will Make a Difference to Your Small Business

Here are some of the marketing tips for all small business owners.

1. Post your business on local classifieds

Craigslist is still alive and well. People use it for buying and selling. You can post for free on this site or you may choose to use its promoted ad feature. If you opt for the latter, here’s a guide from Entrepreneur to help you advertise on this channel.

2. Avoid the local yellow pages directory

This advertising medium has been strangled out of existence because almost everyone is already searching for everything online. Even your grandmother is using an online search to know about a certain product or a service because she can easily do so at her fingertips.

3. Advertise on mobile

Every small business owner should market his/her products on mobile. Mobile advertising is one of the best ways for your business to thrive. To maximise mobile advertising, you must use QR codes to make it easier for your customers to obtain the incentives you’re offering. They can also take advantage of some ongoing promotions that you offer them.

In addition to QR codes, you should also build your own mobile app to keep in touch with your customers.

4. Build brand through social media

To interact with your current and future customers, you must use social media. But you must not flood your followers with ads about your brand. It won’t work if you’re not yet an established company. People will take it as a sign that you’ve nothing more to offer than a product to see.

When using the social media to build a brand, you must first engage with people by offering them free information and entertainment. It’s the only best way to get re-tweets, shares and likes among other engagements.

You should also consider creating free information blogs that are related to your product.

Social media should not be used to implement pushy sales tactics.

5. Get a blog

No matter how small your business is, you must have a blog. It’s a great way to touch base with the locals and show them what you got. Your customers will be more inclined to purchase products from you.

When you have a blog, you should try talking about the interesting customers you have met in your store. But you must ask their permission first.

Then, show your readers how your business is managed like a family. Showcase your employees and tell your readers about your hobbies. Whatever information you share, you must make sure that it’s engaging.

Give your readers a more thoughtful blog. Customers like reading and visiting blogs that let human interaction.

Final thoughts

There are other ways to market your small business even if you have a tight budget. But these tips can already assist you in surviving the next few years without losing.

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