5 Examples of Modern Artificial Intelligence in Action

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5 Examples of Modern Artificial Intelligence in Action

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, probably been reading and seeing a lot about artificial intelligence. And even if that’s the case, AI has probably invaded your consciousness in one form or another.

People have a lot of different conceptions of AI. For some, it means the end of the world is nigh: The robot revolution will be rising and annihilating humanity any day now. While it’s impossible to rule anything out, artificial intelligence is really meant to help us make systems more efficient. Humans are inherently limited within their own mental faculties. But AI can perform tasks, impossible for human teams to accomplish, in a matter of seconds.

This kind of power is what’s going to shape the world of tomorrow. It has already begun. Here are five examples of modern artificial intelligence in action.

Suggested Product

You’ve been surfing the web all day. You haven’t necessarily been looking to buy anything. Yet, you’re seeing advertisements related to things you’ve been browsing online. Is Amazon spying on you? It’s unlikely. However, suggested-product ads are now largely powered by artificial intelligence. Google, Amazon, and other major tech companies use AI to determine what people are most likely to purchase based on prior search history. It might seem like an invasion of privacy—until you’re suggested a product that’s perfect for you.

Music Preferences

Music is something that can bring people together. But also define someone’s identity. Don’t get people started about The Beatles versus The Rolling Stones!

Still, there’s so much more to music than just band preferences. The medium itself is so nuanced, it’s extremely difficult to determine whether someone will find a song good or bad. Enter artificial intelligence. Pandora has been using its own version of AI for years to profile users. By developing intricate metrics of taste, the service can recommend new music to listeners.

Business Tools

The business world is collectively salivating at the thought of better access to artificial intelligence. That’s because there are practically limitless applications for AI in across various industries. Manufacturing, for instance, could see greater productivity and safety. Healthcare organizations could benefit from data-driven diagnoses.

The ability to pull actionable insights from collected data will undeniably improve efficiency and will revolutions organizations everywhere. is going to push the frontiers of what’s possible. AI’s ability to solve productivity issues in real time is going to forever alter the business landscape. Are you ready?

Predictive Viewing

How does YouTube know how to suggest the perfect video for you? The popular video streaming service uses its own version of AI to give viewers the best possible experience. Other companies such as Netflix also use AI to recommend movies and TV shows for consumers. How many people take advantage of this form of AI every day with even realizing it? It’s something that just about everyone who streams content online has become accustomed to at this point.

Virtual Assistants

Whether it’s Alexa, Siri, or any of the other virtual assistants currently on the market for consumers, there’s no denying these are having an impact on daily life. This technology has already come a long way. So far, in fact, that it can now actually save people time and effort. Thank AI the next time you ask Alexa to order you a pizza or more of your favorite underwear.

Artificial intelligence still sounds like a far-off invention to some. But it’s important to understand that AI is truly part of the present. AI already surrounds us, and is making our lives easier in ways many people already take for granted.

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