5 Essential Things to Assess Before You Launch Your Product Online

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5 Essential Things to Assess Before You Launch Your Product Online

For once in your life, you try to be spontaneous. You throw yourself out there in the ecommerce world, without any significant forethought. Fed on the golden dreams of becoming famous overnight, you launch your product on various different platforms. If you’re passionate enough about your product and you back it up with your entire life-savings, then how can it possibly backfire? This is the shard of hope that you cling to as you dive into the eye of the online commercial storm.

What’s the result? Rejection and failure.

Why? Because you’ve been ignoring the bigger picture, and haven’t taken some of the most essential pre-product launch factors into consideration. That’s okay. It’s never too late to learn.

For your convenience, I’ve listed the factors below. Go through them one-by-one, and effectively plan a fool-proof strategy beforehand. Remember: you can do this!

Product Specifications

First of all, take a step back and thoroughly familiarize yourself with your product. Know its ins-and-outs. Look for any variables that may lead to unexpected behaviour when it’s in use. Register its strengths and weaknesses. See if it comes in different shapes and sizes to suit every mood, and if it is available in more than one colours. Check its fragility or durability; if it is stable enough to be easily shipped to far off areas. But most of all, regardless of its physicality, be passionate about it. It’s YOUR genuine creation. You’re the expert on it. No matter how many blows it gets, never lose faith in your product. And once you know everything about it, you are better equipped to defend it.

Market Gap

You’re trying to put a puzzle back together, and you’ve got a uniquely shaped piece in your hand. There’s no space for it on the board. You try to jam it in, but to no avail. You’re faced with a brick wall, and a lonely piece with great potential, but no home. Do you recognize your mistake? You’ve been searching for a gap in an entirely wrong market, which has no need for your contribution. What you need to do is find the right market for your product, then look for a niche which you can perfectly fill. Once you find such a place, hold on to it. One way you can mark a space for your business is by looking up the most-searched keywords on Google around the theme of your product. See if you can take advantage of any of them.

Target Audience

Bill set up a cotton candy stall in a diabetic community. Sally decided to sell cassette players in a technologically advanced metropolis. Kathy made sparkly unicorn bands for goths. All of them failed to sell even a single product. Do you know why? Because they didn’t take their respective target audiences into account AT ALL. How can you possibly sell your product if there’s no need for it? Or if it’s too unique for people’s tastes? You just can’t. So, after finding a niche, you should see if your product meets people’s wants and needs, or helps them in any way. This is how it will gain relevancy. From there, immense popularity is much more likely.

Range of Competition

A consumer in search of nail polish would find thousands of highly-reputable brands online, all selling basically the same stuff, just with a different name. Names matter in online business. For instance, if you’re selling environmentally-safe nail varnish, but Nyx is also marketing the same product, then who do you think the general public will go for? The makeup giant, obviously. So always check out your competition, and don’t go against the ones who’ve held a monopoly for ages. People trust them too much to try a different product. Try to find a new and suitable place for your unique product, so that you can become an authority there. Building from scratch might dissuade you, but don’t worry: empires didn’t appear out of nowhere. Everything starts with a brick and an idea.

Promotional Channels

Once everything’s done and you’ve double-checked the aforementioned factors, it’s time to let people know about you and your product. Get a microphone in hand and start promoting. Go for the online platforms that regularly get huge traffic, and then release your idea out there. Let people do the rest of the work for you. You can make use of social media, blogs, vlogs, repositories, etc. If people don’t know about your product, how can they opt for it? So leave no stone unturned in creating a massive wave of expectation for your product before you actually launch it.

After ticking these factors off your list, you must make sure that you have a great internet connection to properly launch your product and meet the subsequent consumer reaction. If you don’t, your response rate could be slower, which in turn could tremendously harm your sales.

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Author: Chris Albert

Digital Consultant Moreover several years experiences in Traveling and travel diaries making for Tech savvy I always try to come up with new trends as being Communicator for tech related topic specially in IOT, AI.

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